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30 Nov

Zaxby's Chicken fingersFrom what I read, Zaxby’s started up in 1990.  Looking through this box and again at that picture I can’t help be reminded of Raising Cane’s…despite the fact that technically Zaxby’s was established first.     I mean chicken tenders…crinkle-cut fries…toast…slaw… it’s all so similar.

Zaxby’s DOES have a clear advantage over Raising Cane’s in that they offer several sauces.  I was never a fan of Cane Sauce (and here come the hate emails and tweets) so the option at Zaxby’s was cool.  I tried the “nuclear” and “insane” options (much like I did in life) and was disappointed in both.  They had some serious heat to them but instead of a cayenne pepper sauce they tasted like a cayenne pepper sauce with a ton of cajun seasoning added.   Nuclear had it in abundance.  Insane had so much I couldn’t even eat it.

The fries are just like Ora-Ida fries I have had many times.  The toast was dry and flavorless.    The chicken itself was good with some nice breading but I can’t say that was enough to get me to ever choose Zaxby’s over Rasing Canes.