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14 Feb

UntitledOkay you KNOW these are going to crunch like…a bunch.

Drago’s is evidently a restaurant in New Orleans (who knew?) so these chips are a reflection of that place.

These are Roasted Garlic flavored chips and they are quite tasty.  It’s a mild garlic taste.  Nothing too powerful or overwhelming.  There is a super-small sweetness on the back end of the taste that makes me want another chip.  And another.  And another…

You see that in the upper left?  Yeah…Limited Edition…so they won’t be around for long.   Try’em while you can!!!



12 Aug

UntitledJust the design of this bag alone was enough to make me buy it.   It just looks kooky and cool.  The chips inside are exactly like that…kooky and cool.  They have a sweet-heat to them that are addictive and that mix of flavors and the texture of those chips are soooo good.  I got them at Potbelly’s but I hope I can find them in full-size bags in my local stores.   Definitely a must buy!!!!


29 Sep


Here is a bit of an odd duck in today’s snack-chip climate.    NO flavor.   Well…there is the flavor from the potato and the cooking process but NO SALT or other seasoning of any kind.

If you are on a low-sodium diet, these are you only option really if you want some chips.

Otherwise I am not sure who these are for because without ANY seasoning…even a bit of salt??? They are SUPER-BLAND.

Nice and solid crunch…but wow…bland.