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24 Jan

UntitledSooo….. I keep trying the wings at WingStreet.  To be honest, I don’t know exactly when the whole “pizza and wings” thing came about.   It’s great if you are feeding a crowd or having food for a game but….eh….. most of the time you get great pizza and “meh” wings ….or the other way around.

I have said in the past that I love the chicken that WingStreet uses— BIG chunks of white meat chicken.  As far as flavors go…I haven’t found one that I am crazy about.   I DO love Lemon Pepper, so when I heard they have a new rub I was ready.

And you can see…not much in the way of coloring …and not much in added taste as well.  They are salty and a hint…and I mean HINT of lemon or pepper flavor…but it’s only a HINT.

Hint= not much here people.



6 May

These are some good lookin’ boneless wings from WINGSTREET.

Picture-perfect-profile aside – They weren’t awesome but they weren’t horrible either.

Tender chunks of chicken a bath of lemon pepper sauce.   Got these to go with my pizza order and I am asking myself ….when exactly did someone decide chicken and pizza were two-great-tastes-that-taste-great-together?

I mean they are both awesome by themselves.

ok…anyway these were good…and the lemon pepper had some nice flavor but the sauce is a bit thick.   It’s almost like they are using a marinade instead of a sauce.

In the end, I was left thinking I could make these pretty easily at home.  Much cheaper too.