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1 May

UntitledJust when I think I am out….they pull me back in!

I have always liked the wings at Wingstop but as much as I loved the Atomic and Lemon Pepper flavors….but this new flavor is a game changer..

This sauce is SO good.  Such a masterstroke of genius…. that I have made the trip to my local Wingstop EVERY DAY for the last THREE days in a row to get these wings.   Uh-may-zing!!!!

I am in LOVE with these new SERRANO PEPPER GLAZE wings at Wingstop.   It’s a sweet heat and it’s NOT overly hot.   Which is surprising to my tastebuds ….but only because I usually want lava-hot wings.

These are unfortunately for a limited time, but hopefully the turnout will be big enough that they will become a permanent item on the menu.   It is the best item they have ever offered.  Period.

This is EXACTLY the type of signature sauce that I was looking for from Wingstop.   It’s so unique.  It’s so full of flavor.   It’s a complex sweet-heat.  Citrus-y and tangy.   Then the slow-rise heat comes in.    The creativity of flavor here is just fantastic.

Bravo Wingstop.