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WINGS WORLD – Arlington

7 Jan

UntitledWings World!!!!  Wings World!!!!  Party Time!!!  Excellent!!!!!

If I owned Wings World, I would totally steal that song from Wayne’s World and use it as my annoying theme song when I did commercials.

And you know I totally would, too.

So in my endless quest to find the best wings on the planet, I stumbled across Wayne’s Wings World the other day.

It’s in Arlington and a touch off the beaten path.   It’s not the easiest place to get to.

I see they have a full menu of great sounding things so I try both ends of the spectrum; chicken-wise.

Wings WorldI order some bone-in lemon pepper wings and some chicken tenders in their “VOLCANO” sauce.

“Volcano is our hottest sauce.  Are you sure you want it?”

VOLCANO sounds sexy and hot and something that might put me in hospital.    I like it.   So I order it.

The staff was nice and polite.   A little on the quiet side.  I caught them at the end of lunch so there was just a couple of people waiting on to-go orders.

The place is very basic and neat.   Looks like it is well-kept and clean.    I am passing the time looking around cuz wings take time to cook, kiddo.

I get my  to-go box and head for the automobile.  I can’t wait to tear into these.    What you see is what I got.  Those chicken tenders, while on the flatter side, looked fresh and large and satisfying and insanely yummy.  That slightly darker orange color is telling me these are probably super-duper-idiot-hot…..so I save those for last.

It’s just a step to the right to the Lemon Pepper wings.  They are cooked well-done.  I like that.  Super-crispy and some nice flavoring on there.    I just wish they weren’t so tiny.   Seriously small wings here, sports fans.   Even smaller than Wingstop used to have.  And I thought that was impossible.  I knock them out and it’s back to the tenders.

I am savoring this moment.   These chicken tenders do not look like frozen-kid-meal-tenders.  They look like chicken breast tenderloin strips.  The color is perfect, the breading looks perfect….

And for some unknown reason – these tenders are soggy.   Like, “wet”, even.   Like maybe they were steam-cooked or something.   They are fully-cooked- the meat itself is quite tender and juicy but the breading is soggy.  And it’s not from the sauce.  Even the un-sauced pieces are just limp.

How does this happen?   The only thing I could figure is maybe they were finished cooking first, and put into the styrofoam container, where the steam turned what could have been perfect tenders, into a soggy mess.

And the sauce?   VOLCANO?   Tasted like your basic Srirachi sauce.   Far from VOLCANO.   What a drag.