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27 Oct

UntitledThese. Are.  Genius.  I know a ton of people that love to eat potato chips with their hamburgers over French fries.   I think it would be a master stroke if they offered these as an option in their restaurants.  I bet there would be plenty of takers.

As far as the chips themselves….they are kettle cooked and have a nice crunch to them.   The sea salt and pepper are nice and even-neither overpowers the other.  I would have enjoyed more of a slight  more slight lean to the pepper-side, but that is just me.

Lotta people around here that are super Whatta-loyal, so these could really take off. I hope they do.  Can’t wait to try the other flavors so stay tuned!



6 Mar

I have heard it said -several times- that I make alot of comments (I misspell ALOT a lot- it’s on purpose) and I have all these questions.   When am I gonna quit bitchin’ and have something constructive to say?

Well, here ya go.   New sub-feature on this here show is THE ANSWERS.    From time to time I will hit ya with what NEEDS to happen in the food world to be more successful and to make people ENJOY (and build loyalty) your products.

First up – WHATABURGER.   Good LORD I love Whataburger.   Aside from some LONG waits in the drive-thru from time to time- I got nothing but love for Whataburger.

A few years ago, they started rolling out special items for summer-time.   One summer they rolled out the HOLY GRAIL (for me) with the PINEAPPLE PIES.    They were beautiful.  They were fantastic.   That hit of tropical flavor inside that classic Whataburger pie crust was nothing short of GENIUS.   I single-handedly introduced over two dozen people to that pie.  All of them impressed and addicted.   So much so that it still comes up in conversations with them.   I have even taken pen to paper….written Whataburger many a letter…. asking for the return of that precious pie.    I still wait for their response.

Whataburger is already delicious, fantastic, and Junk Food Critic Approved…. but they gave up on the Pineapple Pie  way too soon.

TASTE TEST: Whatachick’n Nuggets

5 May

Ahhhhh Whataburger.    How you have slayed me with your yum-yum offerings over the years.   You are the only joint I know that can make everyone in my car fight over the last “tub” of ketchup. 

SIDENOTE– if you don’t know from Whataburger Ketchup….click here and see why it changed Heinz mind on things.

The banana shakes and pies.   The FAJITA TACO…. you have been batting a 1000.   

Enter now – the Whatachickn Nuggets.     Think the delicious Whatachickn sammie….but only in nugget form because that is exactly what it is.   Fat plumps of juicy all white chicken in that old fashioned breading.  Throw in those killer fries and some Texas Toast and you have a great new combo on the menu. 

Not sure how long these will last, maybe just for the summer, so grab’em soon!

Oh…and the sauce?   They have a couple to choose from, and you are gonna want to snag the HONEY BBQ.  It’s bold and tangy and slightly sweet. 

Whata-is-awesome (sorry, had to) about the sauce is the GIANORMOUS tub they give you.   It’s more than enough to dunk those babies.  Nothing worse than running out of sauce.  No worries here.  They gotcha covered.


Now if only Whataburger would bring back the PINEAPPLE PIE, I would love them forever.  Or at least for the rest of the summer.


9 Feb

First hearing about this, I was immediately intrigued. I love fajitas. I love Whataburger. Could this be two great tastes that taste great together!?!?!!

In the ever changing world of fast food, you gotta keep coming up with stuff. Whataburger has essentially taken their grilled Whatachicken, sliced it up with peppers and onions, and roll it up in a tortilla.

I love it. It’s a nice sized burrito…not sure why Whataburger calls it a “taco” but oh well. I threw some of their picante sauce on there and I had a party.

Now, I didn’t have the combo. Just the fajita. Of course the combo is a no-brainer for most folks, but I don’t really want fries to go along with my fajitas. Maybe that’s just me.

The whole idea of this is pretty smart considering they had the chicken, tortillas, and sauce already.

(Truth be told, going forward….I might skip their sauce and use some of my own…but I am super picky when it comes to salsa)

Before today, I couldn’t imagine going to Whataburger and NOT ordering a burger. I mean it’s their signature thing.

But this….might just change my mind.


4 Feb

So it appears Heinz has heard the cries of it’s beloved fans.  There seems to be TWO distinct ketchup camps.

CAMP ONE – you love ketchup, and love to DUNK stuff in ketchup, but you can’t with current ketchup packet technology.

(Whataburger has already solved that problem, just check out there ketchups….which ROCK by the by!)

Just look at that bad boy.  LOTS of dunkin’ goin on there!!!

oh… yeah…I said TWO camps

The other camp tears of the corner and squirts the ketchup onto the fries or whatever.

BOTH camps have trouble doing this while driving.

So in efforts to help, Heinz has introduced a NEW ketchup packet.  It holds THREE TIMES the amount of original packets and now has a “DUNK” feature as well as a “SQUIRT” feature.

Truly, the best of both worlds!!!   Now the company doesn’t know how these are going to work out, because they are obviously MORE expensive to make and will have to pass that along to your favorite restaurant.

STILL …it’s a cool idea.

Oh yeah, almost forgot.

Actually??  there is a THIRD camp.  We don’t much advertise ourselves.  We are the “SUCKER” CAMP.

We drive around eating our fries/tater tots/onion rings

using the following procedure:

ONE- insert fries into mouth, chew once or twice to break them down

TWO – tear the corner off the ketchup and insert newly open corner into mouth.

THREE- Suck the ketchup into your mouth, and swirl it around with the fries while you chew.

FOUR – Enjoy.  Repeat as often as necessary.