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26 Jan

UntitledMan I hate this.   On several fronts.

ONE – I was just there….days before it closed and was told by the manager that “everything was fine”  and it was a lease issue that would get worked out.

Well…worked out means CLOSED, I guess.

TWO- I can’t imagine they weren’t making money.  When I was there the joint was PACKED.  Everyone that came in was asking about the sign and were they closing.  So there is a large Mazzio’s fanbase in Hewitt/Waco.

THREE-  This was the closest location to me.  That means I would drive FOUR hours (round trip) just to eat there.  And I did.  Many times.

FOUR – Mazzio’s is such a GREAT place.  The food is awesome and the staff are pretty friendly (mostly-ha)…but Mazzio’s is NOT a well-known brand anywhere in the DFW area.  That is criminal because in Oklahoma – they are everywhere.    Sad that people here are clueless to the awesomesauce that is Mazzio’s.

I preach it here on this site, and to anyone I can find that will listen.    I will continue…but now it’s just a little bit more difficult.