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TWINKIES return!!!

15 Jul

This has been quite a ride for ol’ Twinkie The Kid.  He went from popular…to no so much anymore…to out of business….to then be rescued, revived, and returned to our stores as of this past weekend.

Walmart and Kroger have both had shipments arrive EARLY (they were scheduled to return july 15th) and have been on sale as of Friday July 12th to much media coverage and celebration.

Being in a Walmart Saturday (why would you do that to yourself?  I know…I know…)

I noticed there is a HUGE end-cap display of Twinkies.   There is also a large dent into the inventory as people were grabbing them.

What I can’t understand is why in the hell did they put them on an end-cap at the back of the store facing the back wall?   Had I not just been wandering around I would have never seen them.   With such media attention on them, I would have had them near the entrance – – big and bold— but evidently this Walmart could care less.

What I also can’t  get a straight answer on is this:  WHAT ABOUT ZINGERS???!?!?!?!   I was never a big Twinkie fan anyway— to me– it’s all about the ZINGER —- red raspberry coconut, thank you—  so hows about an update on those!?!!?!?!!/