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TRADER JOE’s Cheddar Cheesesticks

2 Jun

The game is now afoot.

I found these sourdough-cheddar-crunchy-breadsticks at TJ’s.   (good lord…am I such a convert…I call it TJ’s now instead of Trader Joe’s?….uh…sharpen one of these and stab me now)

Anyway they are nice and crunchy and satisfy my breadstick-y-cravings but something is slightly off.

These look and taste like some I found at Target a few years ago.    I have been to two different Targets since –  trying to find these – but no joy.

I am wondering if this is just the exact same product with TJ’s (stab stab stab) logo vs. Target.  (at least I didn’t say Tarshzzay….oh…damn it.)

Once I find the others I will report back.  Or stay crazy.  Either way enjoy your day.



4 Jun

This is so elegant.  So simple.  So GOOD.   TJ has these in the frozen foods section.   They are GONE BANANAS!

It’s exactly what you think it is by looking at the box.   It’s banana slices dipped in chocolate.   It’s really that easy.   It’s so easy you will think “oh I will just make these at home” but when you think of the time to slice fruit, melt down chocolate, then set up a drying station, and finally freezing them… oh just spend the couple bucks and enjoy them!

These are awesome and barely lasted a day.  It’s a small box, so you are getting maybe two bananas worth of chocolate-covered chips.   Keep this in mind if you want enough for everyone.   Awesome find at the TJ!



30 May

Okay, now THIS is what I been talkin’ about !!!  Day or so ago I told you how much I did NOT like the TJ gummy bears.   UGH….

But I really DO like these.  These ROCK!   they are large-sized gummy penguins  that have a squirt of  flavor in their tummies.  So when you bite into them, you get a blast of CHERRY, LIME, or STRAWBERRY.

These are fun an have a nice taste to them.  That juice blast is a nice kick to your basic gummy candy.  Love these!!!!!   Totally made up for those crummy-bears from the other day.   These ROCK!

TRADER JOE’s Gummy Bears

28 May

Since most of you had the day off yesterday, I thought I would ease you back into your week with an offering from Trader Joe’s.   It’s always an adventure since they in-house everything.  So you basically have to try everything to see if you like it.

I love gummi/gummy bears, any way you spell’em.   But these are the worst I have ever had.   They are so chewy, actually more like impossible to chew.   Damn things are indestructible.   That is AWESOME for my everlasting gobstoppers, but a gummy?

I am saving them in case I ever need emergency cartilage replacement surgery.

TRADER JOE Ridge Cut Chips

7 Dec

I have decided that among all the other hats I wear, I am also somewhat of a hunter-gatherer when it comes to Trader Joe’s.    I mean the ENTIRE store is full of nothing but TJ products so I (and you) have absolutely no idea of what to expect with each and every item.

That is kinda part of the fun I think.  Re-discovering foods.  Trying new things.  People in DFW are going nuts for everything TJ.

There is also another company invading the metroplex- ALDI.   They have a similar approach of selling lesser-known brands- but here is the weird part:

ALDI is called by some, a “cheap” store, and Trader Joe is thought of as cool and eclectic.  But they both sell the same type of stuff.   Items we aren’t familiar with.  That’s kinda funny to me that one generic is “hip” and the other is “cheap”.

Like these TJ Ridge Cut Salt & Pepper chips.  They are VERY good.  They taste similar to the KETTLE CHIPS brand of Salt/Pepper chips.   So these are worth picking up for sure.

On the other hand I also purchased some sopressatta that wasn’t very good.  So it’s a gamble.

But for the most part I love the selection and choices of TJ and will continue my crusade to find the best Trader Joe has to offer.

And I type this with a mouthful of TJ’s uber-amazing COOKIE BUTTER.


It’s all about the COOKIE BUTTER !!!

20 Jul

I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in YEARS.  So now that there are a few popping up in the DFW area, I am glad to reacquaint myself with good ol’ Joe.

It’s been SO long that I had pretty much forgot about what makes Trader Joe’s so great.   Ironically it’s the same thing I don’t like about Trader Joe’s.

Just about everything sold in TJ is TJ branded items.  So no Dr Pepper…no Doritos….you get the idea.

Now as a shopper it means I have to sort of start over and taste all the TJ brands to see if I like them better than the brand name stuff I am used to.

MOST of the time, I find the TJ stuff is just as good, if not better than the name brand stuff.  TJ is also cheaper.  So shoppers love this.   On occassion though, you go in expecting greatness and discover…not so much.  That being said–

COOKIE BUTTER is the END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!    I was lucky enough to be at TJ’s on a day where they were sampling this stuff.    One taste  and I was KNOCKED OUT.   This stuff is an instant legend and from what I hear, it’s always on the list of TJ top ten items to try.  The lady that rang my purchases up gushed when she saw it.  Telling me I was gonna love it.

What the hell is it?   Okay, think peanut butter….except not made with peanuts….but rather made with COOKIES.   Oh.  My. Ever. Loving. GOD– is this stuff great on toast.  on Waffles, or as I had it last night — a topping on a bowl of ice cream.    Hell – just eat it out of the jar with some crackers like I did all the way home from Trader Joe’s.

Oh and TJ?  What the hell took you so long to get here???????