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TRADER JOE Ridge Cut Chips

7 Dec

I have decided that among all the other hats I wear, I am also somewhat of a hunter-gatherer when it comes to Trader Joe’s.    I mean the ENTIRE store is full of nothing but TJ products so I (and you) have absolutely no idea of what to expect with each and every item.

That is kinda part of the fun I think.  Re-discovering foods.  Trying new things.  People in DFW are going nuts for everything TJ.

There is also another company invading the metroplex- ALDI.   They have a similar approach of selling lesser-known brands- but here is the weird part:

ALDI is called by some, a “cheap” store, and Trader Joe is thought of as cool and eclectic.  But they both sell the same type of stuff.   Items we aren’t familiar with.  That’s kinda funny to me that one generic is “hip” and the other is “cheap”.

Like these TJ Ridge Cut Salt & Pepper chips.  They are VERY good.  They taste similar to the KETTLE CHIPS brand of Salt/Pepper chips.   So these are worth picking up for sure.

On the other hand I also purchased some sopressatta that wasn’t very good.  So it’s a gamble.

But for the most part I love the selection and choices of TJ and will continue my crusade to find the best Trader Joe has to offer.

And I type this with a mouthful of TJ’s uber-amazing COOKIE BUTTER.