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11 Jun

A little while back, I told you about TOMMY TAMALE .  Click here for that review.  Fantastic find in Grapevine that sells tamales and other local or hometown type products.  In the taste test we did at the JFC compound everyone kept asking what salsa I was serving with those fantastic tamales.

Wonder no more because this is ROCKIN’ B SALSA.   It’s brought to you by the same fine folks that made the tamales.   Yep…Tommy Tamale has their own signature-salsa-brand and it’s KILLER.

Whenever I try a new product, I always look for the off-beat choice first.   Tons of people make your basic red salsa.   But when people get creative, I get amped.

So out of the line of Rockin’ B salsas, the ROASTED GREEN HOT SALSA stood out.   It’s not-red-not-green-almost-kinda-yellowish appearance might throw you off since it’s not “GREEN” like the label says.

HOWEVER, the “green” refers to the roasted tomatoes they use —green…duh… to make this YUM-YUM salsa.   The package details a simple handful of ingredients so you know this is super-fresh and not filled with all kinds of preservatives and chemicals I can’t understand or pronounce.

It’s just a very simple and tasty sauce that has some sneaky-heat to it.   It creeps up on you fast and you will find yourself not caring because you want just one more chip dipped in it.

I believe currently it’s only available at Tommy Tamale in Grapevine.  So you will have to make a trip there to get it…but if you paid attention to the tamale review…you should be on your way to their store now anyway so just add this to your list.

Easily one of the best salsas I have had this year.   No doubt.


Tommy Tamale

23 May

The world of tamales is a FICKLE one.  People either love’m or hate’m.  It even goes further because those that do love them, only love certain ones made by certain people.

Through my network of hot-heads and salsa-masters, I was told of a place.   A simple place that served the best tamales.

TOMMY TAMALE in Grapevine.

It’s a great little place with a nice menu of different tamales.   They also carry assorted other snacks,salsa,etc to go with their gourmet tamales.   I bought a dozen pork and arranged a small dinner party with some friends that love tex-mex.   More than that…they love tamales.   But not just any tamale.   They are super-picky, so I knew these would be taking on the harshest of fellow critics. Not only would they tear into these…but if they weren’t awesome…they would tear into me for giving them garbage.   I would never live down the shame in their eyes.

OUT.  OF.  THE. BALLPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   These babies were a huge success!   Even the toughest judges admitted that the Tommy Tamale just might be the best they have ever had.  Everyone kept referring to the fresh taste and insisted I reveal where I can found these tasty treats!

This is exactly the type of food, and local business that I love to promote.   Steve and JoAnn have a fantastic little business on their hands and I wish them much success!  For more info, check out  I have no doubt you are gonna love their stuff as much as I do!
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