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Tip Your Waitstaff

28 Jan

Are you a good tipper?  More than half of my friends are in the service industry as servers, bartenders, and such.   They believe in “waiter karma” – they tip well hoping the “tipping gods” will smile on them in return later on down the road.

The other half of my friends?  HORRIBLE tippers.  Two dollars on a 80 dollar tab despite receiving excellent service.

I would like to believe they just aren’t aware of the percentages that are standard.   Or maybe they are just cheap as hell.

The other night, I got the receipt you see here and thought it was GENIUS.  It calculated the recommended or normal tip percentages based on how much I spent and had the math done for me.

I think more restaurants should have this on their receipts.  I think it would help the “gratuity-challenged” understand the rules of the game a bit better.