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THAT 80’s MIX candy bag

11 Jun

A gift from my homies over at RETRO 8089…it’s an 80’s music station..and one of my faves.  They know I love 80’s and candy…so win win.

(plug:  if you love 80’s music check’em out – http://www.retro8089.com – Their website is kinda bare, but the make up for it with their killer mix of music).

Anyway there is a company that makes these goodie-bags that cater to the decade you wanna celebrate.   I believe they have 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

My mind is fluttering with guesses as to what they consider “80’s candy”.

Tearing into the box I find some serious classics.


Laffy Taffy….Lemonheads..Sixlets….Nerds…

but aside from a few of these…. most have been around forever and aren’t JUST 80’s.    Tootsie rolls have been around since Jesus was a boy..and those are in there.

Don’t get me wrong….I like the idea….and I totally destroyed all the candy with pride.    Just lettin’ you know it’s not limited to just candy made in that decadent decade.   It’s the classics you know and love…mixed with some old skool faves that you might actually have trouble finding these days.

Fun Dip?  What what???

So if you know someone who digs something like this- I believe this bag came from Spec’s.   Yeah.  The Liquor store.   Go Figure.   Still a cool gift idea.