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31 Jul

UntitledHoly Smokes these are killer!!!!!!!   You know I am not that much of a regular customer at Taco Bell but these might change all that.

These pastries are rolled in Cap’n Crunch berries and have a warm filling inside each bite.

Absolutely genius idea here.   Best item on the menu.

Taco Something Part THREE

3 Aug

Okay, if you are STILL with me, you have made it through Taco Something Part ONE and then Part TWO -leading you to here.

At this point I am just disgusted, and ready to go.  My friend gets up to throw her trash away and walks back over and orders SOMETHING ELSE.  I was prepared to scream blue murder at this point.

She turns and just smiles at me like she knows something I don’t.

I look around and there is still a few of those hot sauce packets left.  One of them is called FIRE ROASTED.   Since I am at my absolute end here I might as well fill up on taco sauce since it looks like my friend is ordering more junk.

HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I have had their taco sauces before and they weren’t very memorable – but this stuff was VERY VERY GOOD.   I thought I was hallucinating at first.

It has a smokey, chipotle flavor to it, and it was good enough for me to stuff them in my pocket for later use.  I make street tacos all the time, so these will be AWESOME on them!!!

I can’t believe my favorite thing at Taco Bell is their tiny packets of Fire Roasted sauce.

And then my friend returns to shut my mouth proper.

It seems I TOTALLY forgot something about Taco Bell.  Something my friend KNEW I forgot about and was her ace in the hole.

THE CARAMEL APPLE EMPANADA.  It is a forgotten treat since I don’t frequent here.  But in the past it has earned BEST DRIVE THRU DESSERT praise from me in the past.   It’s exactly what you would expect it to be, a flaky crust filled with apple chunks and a caramel sauce.   It’s rich.  It’s delicious.  It’s damn near decadent.

And it’s the best thing Taco Bell has – hands down.  All that drama was worth it to get to this fantastic sweet treat.

You have GOT to try it if you haven’t.  They don’t much advertise it, so you may have to ask, but DO.  It’s very good.

TACO Something Part TWO

1 Aug

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  The headline says TACO, and that picture is clearly a PIZZA.

Give me a chance.  If you read Taco Something Part One (found here) then you know I was in the middle of having a bad time at Taco Bell.   My chicken taco was a soggy mess.   I was furious and had just decided to eat nothing and wait for my friend to finish her meal.

She wouldn’t stand for this – so she made off like she was getting a refill and decided to order me a pizza instead.  I watched her turn to me and roll her eyes as she was walking back.   I didn’t know she had ordered something.  I figured she was just asking them something.

This Taco Bell is a hybrid – Taco Bell / Pizza Hut– turns out – she ordered the pizza and was told it was going to take SEVEN minutes to cook.  So she reluctantly agreed and rejoined me at our table.

Ten minutes (I am a jerk – I timed it – what?  I was already in a mood at this point).  I slide out some breadsticks and pizza box from  the bag and hope this dinner can be salvaged.

The Sauce that came with the breadsticks is the classic Pizza Hut sauce.  It tasted just like I remember it.   The breadsticks were rather dry and “old” tasting.   I guess they were also waiting on the pizza like I was.

The pan pizza itself was a little bready,chewy, and greasy.  I ate half and slid it and the other two breadsticks into the bag.   At this point I wanted out of there.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to catch a break in this place.

-soggy food—-refund problems—-just bad pizza that I had to wait ten minutes for —— what else could go wrong?

And this story STILL isn’t over —  the THIRD and final part coming soon!

TACO something Part ONE

27 Jul

I am often given suggestions about things to review.   I love hearing about new places and new things to try that fall into my wheelhouse.

But I am also asked quite frequently why I don’t review the Taco places (Bell, Bueno, Del, and Cabana) that often.  They are mostly correct.   I don’t normally eat there or review them.  I did review the Doritos Tacos here and I have a Del Taco thing coming up that I totally forgot about until now.  But aside from that, I just don’t frequent them much.

Except Taco Cabana.  I absolutely LOVE Taco Cabana.

But Tacos Bell and Bueno have burned me so often with bad service and food that I just can’t fall in love with.

Case in point – LAST WEEKEND – I was with a friend who likes Taco Bell.  I don’t fault or try to talk anyone out of going to some place I don’t like.  To each his own.

So I am in the car with them and we are pulling into Taco Bell so she can get some food.   I had no plans to order anything.  I am just along for the ride.  But I notice a couple of new items on their menu.   One is called the FRESCO CHICKEN SOFT TACO.   The picture on the menu is of a flour tortilla, thick grilled chicken, pico, and cilantro.

This looked SO GOOD.  Like a cross between a fajita taco and a taqueria style taco.  Have I been missing out on something awesome all this time?  Has Taco Bell finally found the key to unlock my loyalty?


I didn’t even bother to take a picture of it.  It was a large flour tortilla with tiny chunks of chicken and about two fistfuls of lettuce.   NOT AT ALL looking like or containing the same ingredients listed on the menu not four feet away from me.   This was literally a tortilla filled with lettuce and chicken sprinkles.   It was a soggy mess.

I was confused.  I was pissed.   This was like BAIT-and-SWITCH to me.   I even asked the employee if they gave me the right thing.  They said YEP.

Okay – then I would like my money back.  I am not eating this.

It was SO quiet that I could hear the cashier BLINKING at me.   You want your money back?  Yes.   Can’t we just get you another one?   No.  Okay so I will have to get the manager because I don’t know how to do that.   You don’t know how to give me my money back?  Okay- go get the manager.  Everyone involved in this was so rude.

It seems this store has a policy that they don’t give refunds.  They just give you some other food in trade or replace the item.   I am DONE paying for stuff I don’t like and I don’t want anything.  So I finally get my money back (they couldn’t figure out how much the tax would be so I told them to keep it) and I went to throw the food away and I noticed the bag my ONE taco was in.

I asked for some hot sauce and received exactly 23 – that’s TWENTY THREE packages of sauce for ONE TACO.     This is beyond wasteful.

Oh…and this isn’t the END of this story…..to be continued….

TASTE TEST: Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco

20 Mar
dorito taco by Junk Food Critic

It all seems so simple that you can’t understand why they didn’t do it a million years ago.

I mean look at that picture. Isn’t it sexy?

As far as marketing, product placement and just the whole idea is very very clever.

I can’t deny that. The ad campaign for this has been so pervasive that it has everyone talking about it.

I have heard about this from more potheads than I care to admit. The most popular quote being…. “Da’Bell…and Doritos??!?!…whoa….”

whoa indeed.

The funny thing is, here in Dallas, we have had this taco already, as it was tested here at least a year ago.

It sucked. It was barely orange and had just a hint of the TRUE Dorito Nacho Cheese flavor.

As clever as this is, I can’t help but think it does two things:

ONE: it makes one company look smart by tagging up with a giant brand and elevating both their profiles.


TWO: it makes the other company look like it’s grasping at straws by piggy-backing on the more successful brand. Making the bigger brand look kinda silly.

Now the question is, which is which?

Personally I think DORITOS is the bigger brand here. I mean who doesn’t know Doritos? GOD knows how many days of orange fingerprints and stank ‘rito breath I have had in my lifetime.

TACO BELL on the other hand…for me anyway..has always been sorta “meh” to me.

I KNOW there are true and devoted fans out there and I have nothing against you or your precious BELL. It’s just not my style.

In my area, we are dominated by the TACOS: Bell, Bueno, and Cabana. I have made it known and it’s no secret that I am all over the CABANA. It’s just a preference.

Other than the novelty of the shell, it’s not like the Taco Bell taco itself has changed. It’s still the same ingredients that make for a sub par (in my opinion) product.

To me, this would be like Del Frisco’s Steakhouse deciding to sell a “McSteak” sandwich through McDonalds.


20 Mar

I LOVED the idea of combining restaurants ever since I saw the first one.   Seeing a Taco Bell/KFC together just screams SMART.

Why?  When we are out and about, nobody can EVER decide what to get to eat.  So we end up making at least two stops for lunch or whatever.  This cuts that down with more choices at ONE place!

Truth be told, I (unlike everyone else in the world) am not that big a fan of Taco Bell.   There food is okay, but I am more the TACO CABANA type.  Maybe all that time spent in San Antonio, where they are on every corner.

The JFC had a meeting, and it turns out that everyone wanted food too, so we stopped at this TACO BELL/ KFC.

The store had a nice, hip design to it.  The people were friendly.  I was the least hungry of everyone so I wanted to try the new KFC BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST.

It’s exactly what you think.  It’s just a chicken breast breaded and cooked (they have the grilled version too).   This thing was like a GIANT nugget.  It was good, but not great.  In retrospect, I should have just purchased the chicken breast which would have probably been cheaper and received more meat.  I would have to tear it off the bone myself, but sometimes you gotta do things.

To wash my giant, rather dry nugget down, I had a …wait..let me look at the cup…a FRUTISTA FREEZE drink.  Mine was Strawberry Lemonade.  It’s basically a slushie type drink with strawberry sundae topping on top.  Super sweet and pretty good actually.  Don’t know why I was surprised, but I totally was.

These two things together cost me over 5 bucks.  Which is funny because they have a promo now called a FIVE DOLLAR BOX, which contains:

1 cheesy gordita crunch

1 burrito supreme

1 cruncy taco

1 cinnamon twists

1 medium drink

I don’t think I have ever been hungry enough to polish off that box by myself.  Maybe on an “el cheapo” date night you could go and split it with a lady friend.  But I wouldn’t expect a second date after that.  Take her somewhere nice, tightwad!