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DEEP RIVER SNACKS – Sweet Maui Onion Chips

20 Jan

UntitledI like Deep River Snacks.  They have some unique flavors.   Their kettle chips have a nice crunch and are typically pretty bold with the flavorings.

Take these for example.   They have that crunch and burst with a sweet onion flavor.

Now I have never had a Maui onion that I can remember but I can testify to one thing – these are sweet and onion-y.

As someone who has eaten their weight in Funyuns several times over in this life – I was ready.   And by “ready” I mean obviously not ready at all.  These are a touch overwhelming to me.   I didn’t fall in love with the sweetness and onion-y assault on my tastebuds.


I think I have tastebuds that are like those tv dinner trays- where the foods don’t touch because they are separated by the sections?…forgive me while I have a moment….

So I would be curious as to your experience would be with these.  If you find them and try them let me know!