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6 Aug


This might be one of Arlington’s best kept secrets.   Mainly because if I didn’t know it was there, I would probably miss it driving by to the mall.  It’s not in the best location.

But what it IS…is…one of the best damn sammiches I have had in quite a while.

You know I judge a sammich place on their HOT sammiches —I just don’t get the cold sub thing— I can whip up a cold sub at home —What I can’t do is make hot subs with quality meats and cheeses and unique breads.

Ok, I can.  And do.  But …oh just read on…

Firehouse is a very friendly, instantly at home-and-local-feel to it.   They get your order quick and deliver it a few minutes later.  They have a large shelf of just about every time of sauce you could think of to dress your sammich if you prefer.

They also have that stupid soda machine I have battles with – but  I digress.

As I looked around the restaurant, I didn’t see too many people talking.  They were all eating.   That’s a sign of good food when everyone at the table is so busy enjoying it, they can’t even talk.  Or want to.  ha.

I also noticed on cups, flyers, and other places that Firehouse (which was started by two former firefighting brothers) is actively involved in give back and charity programs on local levels.   I think this is great when companies can spend more than a little of their time and wealth to give back.

When they slid that meatball on my tabletop, it was beautiful.   The melted cheese.   The visible amount of seasoning.  The slight char on that bread.  The tasty red sauce bathing those moist meatballs.  Oh I didn’t wanna eat it.   I wanted a poster of it on my wall.

I settled for a picture on my phone, and handled up on this.  It tastes even better than it looks.  Lots of flavor.  The bread is slightly soft and tender but holds onto that plentiful pile of yumminess.

Since this visit, it has become my favorite meatball sandwich in Arlington.  I am calling it right now.  It’s that good.


1001 W Arbrook Blvd, #121, Arlington, TX
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