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McDonald’s Strawberry Lemonade

14 Sep


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIs there anyone that doesn’t love lemonade?  Like seriously?  Go sit down somewhere.   Lemonade is awesome.  Flavored lemonades are awesomer even.  Sometimes.

I don’t eat much McDonald’s unless it’s a new menu item…and now we have Olivia for that (hee hee hee).   But Mickey D’s does manage to keep some skin in the game with these drinks.

Now (and if my luck holds…it’s for a limited time) they have lemonades.   You can get a frozen or over-ice regular or strawberry version.  I have the over-ice-strawberry here and it was pretty tasty.  Not overly sweet or tart.  Just enough balance so as not to offend.

I also like the mini chunks of real (REAL LIFE!!!!) strawberries floating around in there.  Makes a fun game when I am fishing them out to eat later.   Ok so it’s not actually a fun game but I have a long drive sometimes and radio in this town suuuuucks so I have to do something distracting while driving…besides texting…and finding podcasts…and sending a tweet…and eating ice out of the cup while at the same time trying to get one of the strawberry pieces.

KFC Strawberry Lemonade

29 May

Why in the world has this not happened before????   Fried chicken…here in the south…is often considered a fantastic summertime picnic ready type food.    To wash it down is usually some sweet tea or lemonade.

Seeing “new” lemonades (regular and flavored) on the menu seemed like a no-brainer.   If they offered lemonade in some other form before…I have no memory of it.

So I ordered my combo and was looking forward to the addition of some Strawberry Lemonade to my lunch.

What I got…amounted to some watered-down-powdered-drink-mix.    Serious disappointment here.  Oddly enough, there were some strawberry seeds at the bottom so I know at least the squirt of strawberry flavoring has some kind of actual strawberry it…but overall it was just …..not what I expected.   Or will order again.


1 Aug

So, The Sev (7-11…sigh) has this new “Limited Edition” summer-only version of Gatorade.   It’s STRAWBERRY LEMONADE.

And it’s good!

Is everything in my life on a limited edition basis?   Because it feels that way.

Loved Gatorade forever and this flavor is an instant hit and favorite – of course – since it’s limited.

The best thing about Gatorade is that it’s an instant sno-cone at the JFC compound courtesy of our shaved ice machine.   So on a hot day, this is a yummy treat that replenishes my electrolytes an gets me back in the game.  FAST.

Whatever that means.  It sounded good, right?