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SOUR PATCH: Watermelon

11 Nov

The patch that grows all this delightfully sour candy seems never-ending.

Today I find no kids…just simple watermelon slices.

They have a nice flavor too them – but make no mistake sour-heads-  they are NOT that crazy or XTREME in the sour department.   More like vaguely tart.

Still, I did enjoy them.    But they did leave me wanting.



3 Jul

Ok, lookit….when you label something


the damn thing better well just about put me in the hospital.

Oh, they gots some tang to them…sure…..but they aren’t SO sour that you need to put

“@#$%&* sour” on the label.    You ain’t got it like that, kid.

Not bustin’ ya chops or nothing…just sayin’….say XTRA sour or something….that I would agree with.

Still enjoyed the whole damn bag.


STRIDE Sour Patch Kids Redberry Gum

25 Mar

Okay, Sour Patch Kids are on a quest to take over the world.  They have pretty much cornered the “sour” candy market and have now set their sights on gum.

The new REDBERRY from Stride is kinda odd, actually.  It has a bit of a weird taste…not to say sour…or great….just an oddness.   It floats around for a little bit before settling down into some basic gum.
I didn’t find it to taste like any of the following:  Red, berry, sour, patch, and/or kids.     So this goes in the “meh” category.


23 Jan

I love sour candy.  The more hard-core, the better.   Sour Patch Kids are a classic but now they have Xploderz out.  Think round balls of sour that squish out sour flavor when you bite into them.    They are quite snackable but I found them to be pretty tame on the sour scale.    Good flavors though.   Had these been XTREME Xploderz or something….I would be in heaven.

(hint…come out with Sour Patch XTREME XPLODERZ…end of hint)