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10 Aug

UntitledOkay these are fun and highly snackable.  Nice crunch and the label don’t lie…it’s a mild cheddar flavor.

These are made by Snyder’s, which is known for pretzels, so it’s cool to see them branching out and making other snacky-snacks.

These are super-new and I have only seen them at Kroger so far —- so snatch these and snack-up…and report back your thoughts!



24 Aug

UntitledSnyder’s is just about your industry standard in pretzels.  Everyone loves them and I see them everywhere.

Salty.  Snackable.  Nice and simple.

They have all these different flavored pretz too that I normally like.

Normally as in…I don’t like this one.  You would think I would but these have a light cheddar dusting that is so mild that its more annoying than flavorful.  The added flavor is so barely there…ugh…I give up on these already.

TASTE TEST: Hotwing pretzels

12 Sep

TOTALLY stumbled onto these at the store.

SNYDER’s used to sell these garlicky pretzel bites that were kick-ass.  Oh – and they discontinued them.  Probably because I liked them.

Anyway, I found this sleeve (sold like a sleeve of peanuts) pretzel bits in HOT BUFFALO WING flavor.

Yes – you know I was intrigued.   You know how much I love hot wings.  They even look like boneless wings, don’t they?

These things are remarkable.  They are crunch bits of pretzel soaked in a neon orange flavor pool.  They aren’t super hot.  Just enough to give you the kick of hot wings.   The cool-and-weird part is the after taste.

Most hot wings are mainly hot sauce and butter.   And that is where these pretzel bits nail it.   They have a buttery after taste.   So you get the “wow these do taste like….” and then you are hit with a mild buttery aftertaste.  It’s rather unique and kinda addictive.    I bought several sleeves and passed them around.  They are a hit in my group.  Find them at your local store near the chips.   Tell me what you think.   That hard crunch and subtle flavors are worth seeking out.