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24 Sep

Sometimes I get on these “kicks”.

Lately it’s been a SNAPPLE kick.

I loved Snapple when I lived in New York and drank a ton of it.   Not sure how or why but when I got back to Texas, it sort of dropped off my radar.

I did pick it back up when The Apprentice did special flavors – because they were both very very good.    But then again, I can’t think of a Snapple I didn’t like.

This Peach Tea is all sweet and peachy.   Smooth and rich in flavor.  This is the type of tea some of those “other” teas can only wish they could create.


You’re Hired!!!

23 May
snapple by Junk Food Critic
snapple, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Tonight is the Season Finale of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. I don’t usually watch this show, but catching up with it online, has been intense and captivating.

Seeing how dedicated these celebs are to their charities, it’s very dear to all of them, obviously.

It’s down to the final two: Holly Robinson Pete, best known from 21 Jumpstreet, and POISON frontman, Bret Michaels.

I think the reason this season really puts you in the middle of it all is that you are inside the hearts of Bret & Holly.

HOLLY has a son that has autism and her story and struggle to raise her son in a normal environment really shows how something potentially devastating as autism, can bring out strength in someone. She is playing for the charity she leads, THE HOLLYROD FOUNDATION, which helps families that have autistic children get the special care they need. There is no stronger love they say than a mother to a child. This experience has really shown what a special lady she is.

BRET, on the other hand, it someone who is, himself, dealing with the condition that he is fighting for. He has been a type-1 diabetic since 6 yrs old and takes 4 injections a day. That sort of condition would probably stop, or at the very least, slow someone down. Not Bret. With his band, Poison, he has traveled the world, sold millions of records, and lived life like a rockstar. His spirit is unsinkable and that’s inspirational. He is playing for THE AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION. He hopes they can find a cure so one day people will not have to go through what he did.

Now, that being said, one of the final challenges was for each, was to create a new SNAPPLE TEA drink.

Holly created COMPASSIONBERRY TEA. It’s Passion Fruit and Strawberry infused tea.

Bret created BRET’S BLEND – TROP-A-ROCKA – which is a sugar free, Tropical Fruit infused tea with a hint of cinnamon.

Took me a couple of days to find these, because they seem to be popular, and SOLD OUT. They are only going to be available for a limited time, and is a tie into the CELEBRITY APPRENTICE season finale.

I finally found both in six packs (the singles were sold out).

I have ALWAYS loved Snapple and thought this was a great idea to have celebs create the flavors and tie them into their charities.

So let’s break it down:

Both recipes seemed cool and would probably be interesting. I sort of leaned to Holly’s COMPASSIONBERRY because it seemed the most likely to taste good. I say that because Bret, being a diabetic, chose to create a SUGAR FREE Snapple. My taste buds are SUPER picky, and I tend to HATE anything sugar free.

So I brought these bad boys home and chilled them for a day. I wanted them SUPER cold for the taste test.

I did your good ol’ fashioned taste test. Two cups of ice and the two teas.

I LOVE the Compassionberry Tea. It’s sweet and fruity. Nice blend and a solid taste. This is something I would totally buy on a regular basis. Passion fruit is so full of taste that, even on the show, they both fought to use it. Holly won and she did right to use it here. Good stuff.

The Trop-A-Rocka??? well….how do I say this.

THIS KICKS ASS!!! Again, let me tell you, I am not someone who can EVER drink diet drinks. They are just YUKKY to me.

Let me put it ANOTHER WAY. I would rather drink water with two spoonfuls of DIRT stirred in rather than ANY diet or sugar free drink.

Having said that….this COMPLETELY took me by surprise how good this is!!! In all fairness though, it does have that “slight” aftertaste that comes with these diet drinks. But it is so well covered with the other flavors that it is less noticeable than other diet drinks.

“Bret’s Blend” (Trop-a-Rocka) of Tropical tea with that hint of cinnamon is UNIQUE and cool. I would TOTALLY buy this on a regular basis. It’s the cool kinda drink that I would drink by itself, or even spice it up with a hit of vodka or something.

(on a side note, tip of the hat to Bret, for the cinnamon. Recent studies say cinnamon is amazing for regulating insulin levels—so this is a drink that can literally affect his diabetes in a positive way???? smart thinking!!!)

I walked into this totally expecting one thing, and ended up with the other. Funny. Sometimes being wrong is a good thing.

Truth be told, I think they are both good, so I will probably buy both as long as they are available, but I just can’t lean away from that TROP-A-ROCKA.

Watch the Season FInale Tonight, then tomorrow run out and grab these teas before they are GONE!!!

(and if you haven’t seen this season of Celebrity Apprentice, go to nbc.com and check it out!)