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4 Cheese Italian Herb Crisps

1 Feb

The gang at Pepperidge Farm has had my respect since my first MILANO cookie (and thank you Richard Jeni for the reference and all the laughs).

P-farm (all the cool kids call’em P-farm…or Farm-Piddy…or….ok I ran out…)

Anyway, P-Farm has a line of Baked Naturals crackers.   These hit everything I love about a snack cracker:

1.  cheese – check (actually 4 checks since it’s 4 cheese)

2.  some kind of spice or other flavor (italian herbs…check)

3. crunchy, crispy and highly-snackable-by-the-fistful — check-a-mundo.

I knocked these out in half of day while driving out of town.

oh P-farm…and your snackable-ness….