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26 Oct

 Few things kick ass like a great milkshake.   I tend to keep vampire hours so I am often up at 3:28am craving a chocolate milkshake and some chocolate donettes.

Like now.

This is where these new convenience store shake machines are really coming in handy.    I see them at just about every gas station now.   You pick a shake from the freezer, rip off the top- and drop it into the shake machine.   Choose the type of consistency – thick or thin- and boom.   The shake comes out perfect.

They go for around 2.49 – which is cheaper than most ice cream shops.   Add to that, the idea of getting it at anytime of day makes this extra tasty.

Seriously, where are my car keys?


23 Aug
jrockets by Junk Food Critic
jrockets, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Location: Houston Texas (The Woodlands area)

I was in town visiting a few friends, and I noticed alot had changed since my last visit. I was without direction as I just drove aimlessly about looking and mentally jotting down all the new places that I probably wanted to try.

Along I-45, I pass what must have surely been 50 restaurants, at least. (One of them stuck out— ZIO’S, which is the restaurant concept from the same company that created my beloved MAZZIO’S—-seems all roads lead to Mazzio’s….but I digress)

I end up by the Woodlands mall, and I am delighted to see a JOHNNY ROCKETS in the small shopping center near the mall.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, JOHNNY ROCKETS is a 50’s theme diner. They play old music and dress like soda-jerks (which is a good term and good thing) and serve your basic hamburgers, fries, and shakes.

I LOVE Johnny Rockets. When there was one in Dallas and Arlington, I would frequent them often. Sadly it seems I was the only one, because both of them closed.

So I was pretty hyped to see one. Walking in, I got even MORE hyped because it’s a LARGER sized restaurant than the ones I was used to. The staff all shouted “WELCOME TO JOHNNY ROCKETS” as we walked in. Ahhh….the traditions begin.

I say this because Johnny Rockets is full of little things that make it cool Like the fact they all make sure everyone greets you and says goodbye when you leave. Another is if you order fries or onion rings, they serve them, then produce a ketchup bottle and draw a smiley face on the plate or service container. Every NEW person that I ever brought to a Johnny Rockets loved these little touches. It makes the place more fun and kinda personal.

Each table has a small jukebox that will play oldies for 5 cents, and the walls in this location had a couple of big plasmas. Cool!

(on a side note, most J/R locations I have been to, have “secret songs” on those jukeboxes. Play that secret song and the crew break out into song and dance. I am NOT kidding)

We walk in, and slide into a booth. We are immediately greeted by a nice male server. He is quick with the specials and suggestions. We order all sorts of sodas and milkshakes. Everyone I brought was really interested in having the FULL ON Johnny Rockets experience.

I notice the nearby table is getting their food. Their server is going through the “ketchup smiley” routine and I can’t wait until our server surprises my guests with it.

Sadly. He didn’t.

He was a quick and efficient waiter, but not much personality or fun. He did not refill drinks, was rather quick with the check (and when I opened the check book, noticed that he short changed me).

Despite this, I can NOT recommend JOHNNY ROCKETS enough. I love the atmosphere and the food is good, albeit slightly pricey. 5.50 for a milkshake might be expensive to some.

I adore the place, and will not let the mediocre service of one deter me from singing it’s praises.


Try the shakes (I prefer MALTS) they are rich, thick, and dee-lish!

If they don’t do the “ketchup thing” ask about it.

Ask which song is the “secret song” they might roll their eyes at the thought of doing the routine ONE MORE TIME…..but I bet they will gladly tell you and jump right in!

Burgers are great….actually it’s all great!

BK RIBS?????

3 Mar
bkribs by Junk Food Critic
bkribs, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

When I heard these were coming (several months ago) I was not expecting much at all. In my mind, this is a risky move. Ribs at a fast food place? CAN’T be good. And this is coming from someone who LIKES BK burgers.

I passed by a local BK and FINALLY saw the sign. I did a double take and then quickly turned around and placed my order.

These suckers ROCK!!!!

If you love that charbroiled taste of the BK burgers, just imagine that same approach to these. They have a little char on them, like GOOD BBQ does, and are about the size of a hot wing.

These guys are flavorful, with a nice amount of meat. They REALLY do have a “restaurant” quality about them.

I was SO surprised by how good these were!!

Just like the sign says, they have a smokey flavor about them, and the meat just pulls right off the bone. Tender and cooked perfect.

I did NOT however, get the “sauce” that the sign says comes with the order. Even still, I loved them as is. With the sauce? I bet the would be even better.

As someone who finds it VERY difficult to find GOOD RIBS here in DFW, I have found maybe 3 places over the years that I consider GOOD RIBS. Those places aren’t that close to me, or open 24 hours like the BK is.

That convenience factor, along with INCREDIBLE taste, makes this a super easy recommendation. GO GET THESE NOW!!!! I think they are only around for a limited time.

Forget the McRib. Get REAL ribs at BK

(hey BK, feel free to use that last line in your ad campaigns too–free of charge)


7 Sep

Ok, so I totally stumbled across this place by accident.   It’s near Plano.  As a rule, you probably know by now that I (and everyone here at JFC) LOVE 50’s Diners.  Love them.  For the LONGEST time, Johnny Rockets at Northpark Mall was my home base.  Unfortunately Johnny moved away and we no longer see each other.

I was surprised at how MUCH they offer on their menu.   Usually places like this have sodas,fries, burgers, and milkshakes.   ROGER has taken it a step further and offers all sorts of dishes.  More on that next time–  I stuck with the tried and true formula I mentioned earlier.

WOW that chocolate malt was KILLER!!  (and yes those are SPRINKLES on top in that pic…nice touch!)   Burger nicely done, fries super fresh and crispy!   The place is decorated perfectly.  I mean how can you go wrong with a GIANT ELVIS in the middle of the joint?  The staff is SUPER friendly and service is top notch!

6509 W Park Blvd

Plano, TX 75093-6206

(972) 378-0444

There is the address and phone number.  GO and check it out already!

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