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17 Mar

UntitledThis may be my favorite place to get a burger in Dallas.  Above the stove there is a sign.  You might not be able to see it.   It says:


Okay, I am already in love with this place.   Record Grill is a TINY joint in the West End area near a parking lot.  Just a few blocks away from Dealy Plaza.  People often mistake the place for the parking lot attendant booth because it is so small.

Inside there are a few tables and a counter with some built-in stools.   It probably holds 25 people, max.   It’s typical diner fare served with smiles and friendly people.

The burger and fries are so simple and quite good.  My only complaint was the burger patty is on the thinner side, so if you are hungry just be sure to order the double.  Fries were excellent.  It’s just a refreshing change from the Chipotle-mustard-Honey-Ranch-Angus-Cheddar-Bacon-Brie-Kool-aid-Pickles-Hoagie-artisan-gourmet-flashy-burgers that we are constantly hit over the head with these days.

Does anyone in Dallas make a good old-fashioned kick-ass cheeseburger anymore?

Yeah.  They do.  At the Record Grill.   And have done so for decades.   This place is known for their burgers and breakfast.   It’s also a fantastic place to people watch because you get the tourists, the people from the courts buildings nearby and the locals that know this is the spot.

Atmosphere, while not on the menu, is free and there is plenty.   This place actually feels like a movie set.   Or the type of place you would see in a movie.   It’s a classic and they have every intention of keeping it that way.  I love it and the food.   Viva La Record Grill!!