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RAVIOLOS- kickin’ it old skool!

28 Sep

Once upon a time there was a man named Chef Boyardee.  He made ravioli.  And it was good.

But there was a company called Franco-American that also made ravioli.   And it was better.

Another company called Campbell’s made soup.  They bought Franco- American and discontinued the ravioli.    And that SUCKED.

But Campbell’s came to their senses and re-released the ravioli under a new name.  And it was now called “RAVIOLIOS”.

It was the same recipe as the previous Franco-American ravioli.   And this was smart.   And available in stores now – so go out and get some because it’s pretty damn good for canned beef ravioli.


23 May

I enjoy cooking, and I really love to try and recreate – or improve on – something I have had at a restaurant and make it my own.

So today – a bit of a departure–as I pull back the curtain a bit and let you inside the JFC kitchen and see what I am up to…when I am not sitting at the drive-thru.

I love toasted ravioli. I have had it at several Italian restaurants, and I make it quite often.

Everyone I have made it for loves it. Most of them can’t believe I can even cook. wow. thanks.

Now what you see pictured is my “cheat” recipe. I tend to make all my stuff from scratch but in a pinch these things ROCK and take less time.

What you see is store bought ravioli. I then make a blend of herbs,bread crumbs and cheese.

I dredge the the raviolis in egg white, then into the dry mix and then I place them on a rack.

I oven bake them until they turn golden brown and tend to “puff up”.

Yes, I know I could fry these, and they are really good fried – but I tend to use ALOT of seasoning in my cooking, and frying kills some of that taste in these. so I bake them.

But that is just my preference.

While they are cooking, I usually make my own marinara. Tomatoes, herbs, garlic, olive oil, cheese, salt and pepper. All to my tastes.

Roughly around 20 mins these babies are done and as stated earlier, they are always a hit when I make them. They are crispy, crunchy, and the filling is hot and tender.

I hope you have enjoyed cooking with me!