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ZINGERS for all

10 Mar

Yes I know Zingers have returned to places like Kroger and Wal-Mart, but until I could find them in vending machines or convenient stores – I didn’t consider the “comeback” complete.

Well now I have, so they are indeed now “back” and in full speed.  This is how I remember Zingers.  Not in the box of 12 – but rather the 3 pack that I would find at school or the SEV.  (7-11).

These – just like the ones in the 12 pack – are smaller than you remember but taste probably 90% how you remember.   The frosting on these seems a little thinner  than I remember but it’s still awesome to have these babies back on the shelf.



27 Nov

WOOOO!!!!!   Found these at WALMART!

Sometimes things ARE worth the wait.    With the announcement that Hostess was closing let me thinking about what life would be like without Red Raspberry Zingers.    Perish the thought — as Hostess was saved and now they are back and just like I remember…..uh…only smaller…  Either way they are welcomed back with open arms at the JFC compound.

Damn good snacky-snack-cake….WOO!!!!!


4 Jan

Yes friends I have found Raspberry Coconut Zingers.  Even during these troubled Hostess times.

These are a bonus as well as they aren’t the Hostess branded – but rather the Dolly Madison version.  Which might not even matter since they are both owned by Hostess.

To say these are simply upgraded Twinkies would be a gross exaggeration.   These blow Twinkies out of the water.   They are rich and bold and just a perfect snack cake.

So what’s my problem?     I haven’t had these in many months and I noticed something here that bears further investigation.

More often than not I bought these in the 3 pack at my local SEV (7-11).  They were overloaded with coconut and just about BLOOD red in color.

This six-pack-individual box are indeed covered in coconut but not quite like I remember.  Nice amount though.

The raspberry frosting on the other hand is minimal.   I mean those don’t look blood-red.  It’s a very light red.   That is not simply because the color is off.   The frosting itself is a very thin layer; so thin it’s almost translucent.

I want to think that since these are individually bagged that they are made with less coating/frosting in order to make the product as compact as possible.

Now the search begins to find a 3 pack so I can compare.

Regardless of my criticism – these are by far the best snacky-snack-snack-cakes around.  PERIOD.