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QUITOS – Spicy Nacho

29 Oct

I am totally in love with this new style of chip.  I don’t care who thought of it first, all these chip companies are jumping on board with the “rolled-up-dorito” style chips.  I love it because it makes them virtually crush-proof during shipping so I am guaranteed a full back of chips….not a fat sack of crumbs.

Doritos has Dinamitas, Taki’s, and now I see Quitos which are essentially the same.   They sorta taste like Doritos but more seasoning and less cheesy-ness to them.   I dig them as much as the others.    I went through the whole bag during a cross-town trip.    So that is the drawback/trick/genius-on-their-part piece of the puzzle.  Since they are mini-tubes and not splayed out triangles, you tend to think you aren’t eating as many.   Or that was my excuse/experience.

Quitos has several flavors for me to try so I will be on the move with that adventure in a day or so.   I know sometimes it’s scary trying new things but trust me these are worth the time and trouble.