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JFC Mobile Series: Episode Four

11 Sep

wordpress JFC featured image logoFriday is here again and it’s time to catch up with Olivia as she takes to the streets in search of great food finds and usually ends up in some kind of wacky adventure.

Today she tries the new Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich from Mickey D’s and then it’s on….QT vs. The Sev…which gas station has the better pizza???


26 Jun

UntitledQuikTrip (QT to his friends)  Has stepped up their game so fast and so hard since hitting Texas a few years ago.   Most have converted to the QT Kitchens concept which offers made-to-order items such as pizzas and pretzels and breakfast sammiches.

This $3.49 combo is a killer deal.  You get a 32oz drink of choice and a pretty nice sized slice of pizza.  It’s cheaper than any fast food combo or mall-food-court deal you will find.

It’s also ready to go for most of the day (I think they stop serving it around 10pm) so that is incredibly convenient and the pizza (available in pepperoni and supreme) is pretty good so if you haven’t tried it you should give it a shot the next time you are looking for some cheap eats that will fill you up!

QT Kitchens PIZZA

13 Mar

QT has been a class-act type joint since I first stopped for some gas a few years ago.  The stores are super-clean and they have a layout that is easy to navigate and makes things easy for the customer. The latest QT stores are larger and now feature QT KITCHENS -which is an in-house-made-to-order kitchen serving wraps and pizza and all sorts of stuff.   It’s QT really stepping their game up. I pulled in to one of these new QTs and decided I needed to check out the kitchen.   I saw a line of 4 people deep – all grabbing pizza like it was free or something. For 2.99 you get a pretty big slice or you can get two slices for five bucks.    Just the single slice was very filling and just look at that pic… it’s beautiful.   It’s actually AMAZING considering I got it from the same place I bought my gas eleven seconds ago.   I would have NEVER expected it to be this good.   QT does it again with a freshly-baked product that I know you are gonna dig so keep an eye out for it.