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9 Jun

UntitledI have seen these in the stores many many times and just walked on by.

I really shouldn’t because I might be passing up a good thing here but I am always tricked into thinking that the “name brands” are ALWAYS the best.

Damn marketing people.

Once you actually stop and stare at the picture…I mean damn…that looks sooooo good.

I even LOVE how they cut the oblong pie into slices on the cover.    And roasted garlic and pepperoni???  SOLD.

 Back to the JFC testing facilities and we have ignition.    Heat adjusted to the proper temperature and the timer is set to cook for the appropriate time.

What I slide out a few minutes later is actually one of the better frozen pizzas I have had in a while.

The crust is light and crisp.  Honestly I could have used a bit more sauce but the pepperoni, garlic, and cheese were all full of flavor and tasted like a better quality of product than I was originally expecting.

So resist your programming and try some alternative brands some times.  You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

An all around solid pie here folks.