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9 Oct

Untitledhmmm..Pringles.   How you tempt me with your light and crispy ways.

Now you had to go and make “Tangy Buffalo Wing” and I am hooked.   They have that simple cayenne pepper flavoring that makes wings soooo addictive…..as are these snack crisps.   I found them at Target and might just be my new favorite Pringle.

Which is your favorite Pringle flavor??


17 Feb

UntitledOkay, I wasn’t too impressed with the other Pringles LOUD offering…so when I saw this other flavor I was leery.

But the concept called to me….loud crunch….salsa flavors….sounds too yummy.  I can annoy people with a crunch and enjoy salsa flavors at the same time?


These do have a loud crunch and some good flavors too.   Like salsa on a chip…..made me all fiesta-y inside eating them.


8 Feb

UntitledMEH.   Wait.  Wait.  I am getting ahead of myself.  I enjoy Pringles.   I love Loud.   I love cheese.  I love Italian flavors and foods.

I did not love these.  There was this after taste that was ….meh.



29 Mar

UntitledPringles has something called “Kickin’ Chicken Taco” crisps from their “Food Truck” line. These are just….usually awful.   I can’t even think of other words to use.  Your experience may differ.


25 Mar

UntitledI gotta admit the marketing and flavor choices here are fun and funky enough for a purchase already.

The Food Truck “thing” is still alive and well here in the DFW even though I don’t hear it promoted as much.

So Pringles trying to keep their finger on the pulse of food trends is a pretty clever idea with their line of “Food Truck Flavors”.

Cheeseburger Pringles???

I don’t get an overwhelming cheese flavor.   What I am getting up front is a mustard-y and pickle flavoring.   It’s kooky and weird and I kinda like them!

I would totally get one of those basketball or football shaped party bowls and dump about six of the tubes in there for a watching party.  These are a great conversation piece and have enough quirky flavor to them to keep you reaching for handful after handful.

X-mas Pringles??

17 Dec

Yes.  They have them now.  White Chocolate Peppermint flavored Pringles.   One might think you had me at “Pringles”.   But these probably sounded awesome at the I-am-totally-hammered-at-pringles-2011-xmas-party.

The people I shared these with thought they were super interesting until the taste.    The sweet and peppermint say hello but are immediately interrupted by that salty potato flavor.

Betcha you could only eat just one.   I know I did.