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WENDY’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

13 Aug

Wendy’s has come a long way.   Growing up they were always kinda the fifth wheel.   Here in the DFW we had alot of choices:  Mickey D’s, Burger King, Whataburger, Jack-in-the-box.   Most people I know thought Wendy’s as the place to go to get a frosty – NOT for a burger.

Over the years Wendy’s has slowly picked their battles and released items that have given them a better reputation in the minds of many.

Hearing about their higher-end specialty burger -The Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger – at first I sort of balked.   Seemed kinda gimmicky.   I told you earlier that “pretzel” was gonna be the new thing this summer – and Wendy’s has spent more money developing this burger than anything in the company’s history.   All that cost MILLIONS of dollars in research and promotion.

And I will be damned if it hasn’t paid off!    This is a gourmet burger at the drive-thru.    It’s piled high with toppings and flavors that blend together well.   That boring traditional lettuce is replaced with a spring-mix that I quite like.   It also has applewood bacon, a honey mustard sauce, and two kinds of cheese.

It’s quite hearty, juicy, and fresh.  At least this one was.    I was surprised really how well that change in lettuce affected the over all enjoyment of this burger.   The bacon was cooked perfectly and have this a nice flavor and bonus crunch.

The two cheeses also work.   The sliced cheese and the “liquid cheese”  (seemed like the rico cheese to me)  are a great idea.

The only drawback was the honey mustard.   I found it a little too subdued.  With all these flavors competing, I missed that tang that regular ol’ yellow mustard gives a burger.

The selling point of the burger is obviously the pretzel bun.  It’s mild and not-very-pretzel-y, which is fine.  That added saltiness would have been a distraction.    As good as the soft pretzel is, this burger could have equally been as good on a ciabatta bun or some other nice roll.    So don’t expect the pretzel to be the star of the show here .  It’s the blend of all these flavors that makes this one a winner.

I mean look at that photo.   That’s just a damn nice looking burger.   The cool thing here is that it tastes just as good as it looks.

BRAVO to Wendy’s for the stones to develop and deliver something like this.   I can totally see myself ordering this again.   I hope it ends up as a permanent fixture on the menu.   In case it is a limited time offer, I suggest you swing by and pick yourself up one.   I don’t think you will be disappointed.