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13 May

TGIF, hello??   Ricky takes center stage again today and puts his own spin on a classic DFW pizza war.  Pizza Inn vs. Pizza Hut.  Which classic pizzeria will he choose?   Which would you choose?  And what are you thoughts on Honey Mustard?  Find out below!

Pizza HUH??

8 Dec

I seriously do NOT understand the point Pizza Hut is trying to make.  About a month ago I stopped by a Pizza Hut for the first time in years.

I was feeling nostalgic for the Pizza Hut of old.   The place my friends and I loved and couldn’t wait to go to before football games on Friday nights.  The pizza rocked.  We always had a great time.  But since those years I noticed a slow decline of flavor….changes to the meats they used….crust and cheese tasting different…so Pizza Hut just sort of faded out of favor…and was replaced with mom and pop shops usually.   They made a pizza that just tasted better.   I was all anti-corporate pizza.  And years later I would perfect my own at-home pizza that I felt rivaled any pizzeria in town.  So I was self-sufficient.

Well, upon my visit, I was SHOCKED to find that I enjoyed it.   It didn’t seem greasy or dried-out liked I remembered when I went anti-corporate-pizza….it was pretty solid.   I was encouraged.  So the next couple of weeks I made regular visits to the same location…thinking it must just be that location that makes it so good.

And then I see all over the news that Pizza Hut is REVAMPING their menu.     Great.  Just when I return…you guys up and change it.

So I …being the JFC….went back to that Pizza Hut after the revamp and asked how the new pies were going.   The girl at the counter said she had no idea…because after two days…nobody had ordered a single one…or any of the new crusts…. oh boy…..

I can’t say I am surprised because most of the new menu items….are sucky.   They aren’t pizza.  They are specialty tricks you can do to a pizza.

Instead of tricks I would have loved if Pizza Hut said…we are going back to the original formula for sauces…cheese…crust…because several of these corporate pizza places started out with simple recipes…that later turned into a complex mix of pre-made powder mixes and sub-contracted-pre-made-sauces …..it’s just not the same.

And now Pizza Hut rolls out this commercial.

I think they are trying to be funny…but it just falls flat.  Everyone in this video pretty much HATES the new Pizza Hut items…and they are kinda poking fun at that and having a laugh.

And I don’t get it.   Why would you have an ad running that tells everyone your new pizzas SUCK before anyone has even had them yet?

New Pizza Hut Hand Tossed Crust

17 Jan

Pizza Hut has revamped their “hand-tossed” crust. It is now lighter, thinner, and brushed with a garlic-butter.   It’s going for 10 bucks and hopes are high for its success.  So much so, Pizza Hut says “If you don’t love it, your next pizza is on us!”

I tried it.  I don’t love it.

In efforts to keep up with places like PIE FIVE, and the other upcoming fast-casual-pizza places, Pizza Hut is trying to make moves fast.  They made THREE announcements this week:

ONE: they would start selling pizza-by-the-slice in certain areas to test that market.

TWO:  Pizza Hut will now try to make their pizzas “less perfect”  by throwing some stray cheese pieces on the crust or maybe make sure the crust isn’t exactly-perfectly-round.   I can only imagine this is to compete with the artisan-style mom and pop joints that make some incredible (and not perfect looking) pies.

and finally THREE:  This new hand-tossed pie.    I didn’t think anything was wrong with the old hand-tossed style …but the brush of garlic-butter is always welcome.  They are right.  It IS lighter.  It IS airy-er.  But it’s the end crust that kills me.  I can’t fully tell if it’s the actual crust or the brush of garlic-butter…but there is a substantial amount of SUGAR when you hit the end-crust.    It’s a bit of a shock, even.

What I am expecting…or at least looking forward to….is a rich…buttery…garlic-y…end-crust.  That sweetness overpowered anything else.   It was almost like a sweet-bread at that point.   I taste NO garlic.  I taste NO butter.  Just sugar.

But the marketing worked.  Pizza Hut got me in the door.   Which doesn’t happen very often.  Pizza Hut has a long road ahead if they are serious about shaking their “generic-robotic-corporate-pie” image.   This ain’t the best food forward.  It’s a huge step back.

I know what you are thinking —-  They said if you don’t like it, they will buy your next pizza…right?

TWO things.

ONE:  You have to go back to the original location.  I was on the other side of town and bought it on a lark.  So I am not gonna drive all the way back to that location to complain.

TWO:  It wasn’t a horrible pizza…but by their terms “I did not love it”.  So if I do drive all the way back to complain about a 10 dollar pizza…that I mostly ate anyway…despite that GLARING FLAW OF SUGAR…what kind of an a-hole am I gonna look like?

I’m a jerk…but I’m not gonna argue semantics over a 10 dollar pie.  I paid for it.  I reviewed it.    Transaction over.  Lesson learned.


10 Jul

Pizza Hut, like everyone these days, are constantly trying to come up new and inventive ways to keep customers coming back.

The current promo is one I am actually quite fond of.  The new “Firebaked Flatbread Pizzas” are firebaked….I suppose…if you count the heat from an oven as “fire”.

Silly name aside, what you see is the long-box opened to reveal the six flatbreads that come in each order.   You get up to three toppings on each and they are topped in pairs.  So I got 2x cheese, 2x pepperoni, and 2 xhamburger.

These are far from pretty like the TV and print ads.  They look kinda sloppy actually.  These are basically thin-crust single-serving slabs.  These are great for ordering for the gang.  Everyone can have their own toppings and they are pretty sizable so everyone will get full.

These taste like your typical Pizza Hut thin crust pizza, which is a crust I love.   Since they are slabs you get more “end crust” which if you love like I do…is a bonus.

That crispy-crackery-crunchy-crust really shines here.    My major issue with these flatbreads is how they are packaged.  If I am having a party or just want a bunch of them – then six is great.   That tells me these are around 2 bucks a piece.  But what if I am just wanting pizza for lunch?   Am I gonna drag around this super-elongated-box around with me?

I would love to see these kept on the menu but scaled back and maybe paired with a bottled soda for 4 bucks or something.    Two slabs and a drink would be a filling and killer lunch for 4 bucks.

All in all, this was a great idea and really showcases that crust that has been a fan favorite for years.

Taco Something Part THREE

3 Aug

Okay, if you are STILL with me, you have made it through Taco Something Part ONE and then Part TWO -leading you to here.

At this point I am just disgusted, and ready to go.  My friend gets up to throw her trash away and walks back over and orders SOMETHING ELSE.  I was prepared to scream blue murder at this point.

She turns and just smiles at me like she knows something I don’t.

I look around and there is still a few of those hot sauce packets left.  One of them is called FIRE ROASTED.   Since I am at my absolute end here I might as well fill up on taco sauce since it looks like my friend is ordering more junk.

HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I have had their taco sauces before and they weren’t very memorable – but this stuff was VERY VERY GOOD.   I thought I was hallucinating at first.

It has a smokey, chipotle flavor to it, and it was good enough for me to stuff them in my pocket for later use.  I make street tacos all the time, so these will be AWESOME on them!!!

I can’t believe my favorite thing at Taco Bell is their tiny packets of Fire Roasted sauce.

And then my friend returns to shut my mouth proper.

It seems I TOTALLY forgot something about Taco Bell.  Something my friend KNEW I forgot about and was her ace in the hole.

THE CARAMEL APPLE EMPANADA.  It is a forgotten treat since I don’t frequent here.  But in the past it has earned BEST DRIVE THRU DESSERT praise from me in the past.   It’s exactly what you would expect it to be, a flaky crust filled with apple chunks and a caramel sauce.   It’s rich.  It’s delicious.  It’s damn near decadent.

And it’s the best thing Taco Bell has – hands down.  All that drama was worth it to get to this fantastic sweet treat.

You have GOT to try it if you haven’t.  They don’t much advertise it, so you may have to ask, but DO.  It’s very good.

TACO Something Part TWO

1 Aug

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  The headline says TACO, and that picture is clearly a PIZZA.

Give me a chance.  If you read Taco Something Part One (found here) then you know I was in the middle of having a bad time at Taco Bell.   My chicken taco was a soggy mess.   I was furious and had just decided to eat nothing and wait for my friend to finish her meal.

She wouldn’t stand for this – so she made off like she was getting a refill and decided to order me a pizza instead.  I watched her turn to me and roll her eyes as she was walking back.   I didn’t know she had ordered something.  I figured she was just asking them something.

This Taco Bell is a hybrid – Taco Bell / Pizza Hut– turns out – she ordered the pizza and was told it was going to take SEVEN minutes to cook.  So she reluctantly agreed and rejoined me at our table.

Ten minutes (I am a jerk – I timed it – what?  I was already in a mood at this point).  I slide out some breadsticks and pizza box from  the bag and hope this dinner can be salvaged.

The Sauce that came with the breadsticks is the classic Pizza Hut sauce.  It tasted just like I remember it.   The breadsticks were rather dry and “old” tasting.   I guess they were also waiting on the pizza like I was.

The pan pizza itself was a little bready,chewy, and greasy.  I ate half and slid it and the other two breadsticks into the bag.   At this point I wanted out of there.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to catch a break in this place.

-soggy food—-refund problems—-just bad pizza that I had to wait ten minutes for —— what else could go wrong?

And this story STILL isn’t over —  the THIRD and final part coming soon!