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13 May

TGIF, hello??   Ricky takes center stage again today and puts his own spin on a classic DFW pizza war.  Pizza Inn vs. Pizza Hut.  Which classic pizzeria will he choose?   Which would you choose?  And what are you thoughts on Honey Mustard?  Find out below!

Uncle John’s Pizza

3 Apr

Uncle John’s Pizza.  It’s one of those out-of-the-way-local joints that you always pass by and wonder if it’s any good.

Well, I am here to tell ya, these guys make a pretty good pie.  The  toppings, sauce, and cheese are all top-notch.  The crust is very pillowy, soft, and with a slight chew.  The crust style reminds me — just a little bit — of Mr. Jim’s.

But here is where it gets quirky.     I have had Mr. Jim’s lately, and it was not very good.   So in a sense, Uncle John’s is beating Mr. Jim’s at its own game.

That tiny detail aside, Uncle John’s still stands on its own as a unique pizza.   The prices are very good and they have wings, breadsticks, and all the other treats you come to expect these days.

It’s also no longer a place I would just pass by.  I would be very happy to have this pizza again.

JFC Kitchen: Pepperoni Diavalo Chicken

5 Oct

I mentioned before that I make my own Italian food during my Olive Garden vs. Spaghetti Warehouse article.   I had a few requests for for info on this.   So here ya go:

I call this my Pepperoni Diavalo Chicken.   It’s store bought pasta, with homemade diavalo (spicy red sauce) covering a grilled chicken breast.   That is then topped with provolone cheese, fresh basil, and pepperoni.    That is also homemade garlic bread.

It’s strong in terms of heat and flavors.  I like it spicy and boy it delivers.  My nose runs just thinking about how spicy this was.   But wow was it good.

TASTE TEST: Totino’s Pizza CHIPS

3 Oct

I walked right by this on the shelf at Target and thought:

Why did they leave the pizzas out on the shelf?

That logo is so burned into my brain.  I don’t know any kid that hasn’t had those cheap Totino’s pizza growing up.  And by “had” I mean had about a thousand.

After my double-take, I walked over and discovered these are actually chips.

This is almost too good to be true.   Pizza chips from Totino’s?  Pepperoni flavored?  What kid wouldn’t knock these out bag after bag?

wait.   it says multi-grain.  Uh oh.

Okay, I will not be swayed by the possibility of these being the least bit healthy for me.

I am after taste and nostalgia here kids, and the first thing I notice is the texture.  It’s a little texture-y.   Sorta like a wheat thin, but not really.   My second thought is WOW….these are pepperoni-ish and I can taste some tomato-y and cheese flavoring swirling around in there too.  These are kinda cool!

Then I get a donkey punch of an aftertaste.  These things KICK a ton of sauce around the taste buds.  I am still thinking that these are a plus–and then it hits me-

Totino’s chips – $1.00

Totino’s pizza – $1.00  (even cheaper sometimes)

So why am I eating these again?   For the same price,I can have an actual Totino’s pizza!

Worst Pizza in OK?

2 May

If I wasn’t so disappointed, I wouldn’t even bother posting this.  I hate to give out bad reviews.  So to have some sort of respect, I will only say that there is a casino in Oklahoma that has a pizza-by-the-slice place and it’s prolly the worst pizza I have ever had in my life.

There.  I said it.  Now I can finally let the healing begin.


26 Feb
top that by Junk Food Critic
top that, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

I have been sorta excited about this place and the concept in general for a few months now.

At TOP THAT PIZZA they make the pizza in front of you (think Subway) and then are cooked and on your table in five minutes.

This “Fast Casual” dine in pizza place is a great idea and one that I think will develop fast and hopefully get people back into “sit-down” pizza joints. I think we have spent way too much time relying on weak delivery pizza.

The TOP THAT PIZZA in Mansfield is the first location in Texas and it’s quite good. For 6.99 you get UNLIMITED TOPPINGS. As you can see from that picture, this pie was LOADED. They have a ton of different toppings, crusts, sauces, and cheeses so you can really go crazy.

My first thought when I sat down with this monster is that I feel sorry for the owner. At the end of the month, when he sees his food costs, he is gonna go ballistic!

The pizza makers are NOT stingy at all with the toppings. Grabbing toppings by the fistful.

This made me happy and full in my belly.

It’s just a 10″ pizza, but after pounding down that bad boy I was full.

I chose the WHEAT crust and was glad I did because I tried a bit of the WHITE and it seemed rather plain and slightly underdone. The wheat crust was a champ holding all that goodness without sliding off or being sloppy mess.

The place was steadily busy as they have only been open for a few days. Everyone I talked to loved the pizza and didn’t mind paying 7 bucks for a pizza like this.

I think this is a great place and would love to see it do well and spread to multiple locations all over the DFW.

I have always been a fan of the “sit-down” pizza place over delivery pizza and I think this concept is a great step in the right direction.

3300 E. Broad Street
Mansfield, TX 76063

Top That Pizza on Urbanspoon

Try it for yourself and join the conversation on http://www.urbanspoon.com !