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Papa John’s PAN pizza

5 Oct

UntitledSo this was a surprise, I show up to the JFC compound and find the gang has already ordered the new Papa John’s PAN pizza. Yeah you read that right…PAN.   Now I love a good PAN pizza or deep dish style when it’s done right.

I think the words PAN are key here because the crust tastes the same. Same texture but maybe more of the dough to fill up the pan.   Judging by the dark browning on the end-crust and the bottom it looks like these are cooked in a deep-dish-style pan that is normally greased to ensure browning.

It’s a novel approach and along with the new chunky-style tomato sauce it’s….decent. To be honest the pie we tried seemed overcooked.  Those end pieces were dried out and hard-crunchy.  Not the intent I am sure.   Not bad…just not what I expected.