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New York Best Pizza

23 Sep

New to Aggtown is a small and hard to notice place off Pioneer called NEW YORK’s BEST PIZZA.   Once you get inside you will see:

A: it shares space/is also an ice cream treat joint


B: not alot of room to sit down and have dinner.   Just a few tables available.

I found this place by accident as it is almost completely hidden from view by other businesses.

Once inside I saw a long line on the ice cream side with several happy customers workin’ hard on those frozen treats.

Over here on the pizza side it’s kinda of empty but it is early afternoon so I am behind the lunch crowd and ahead of the dinner people.

I order a slice and a drink and I am instantly shocked at how cheap it was.   I believe the plain cheese slices are just 1.50 – and toppings are like .25 cents extra or something frugal like that.

I lost the menu so don’t quote me on those prices – but it was seriously under two bucks for a slice – under three with the soda.    This is the cheapest deal in town on slices!

I am worried that I will get what I pay for, but I was totally satisfied with what I got.   The slice wasn’t huge but it was more than enough to satisfy those hunger pains.    Two of these and I think I would need a nap.

The staff seemed very friendly and service was quick.   I would put this buck-fifty slice up against many other slice places I have had in the past.

Next step is ordering a full pie with toppings and see if that holds up just as well.    Stay tuned!