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Ne-Mo’s Banana Cake

28 Jan

The fact that you can’t find NE-MO Cakes everywhere is absolutely CRIMINAL.   They make some of the freshest….moistest….delicious-est….and about six other “ests” that I can’t even think up right now.   They are simply…awesome.   And I hate when people describe things as awesome.   It should truly inspire AWE if it’s awesome and damn if these cakes don’t do just that.

This is banana cake with some sweet frost on top.  It was demolished before I got a block down the street.   I have never had a bad product from these people.   Trouble is…. I can’t find them as often as I would like.   I have been lucky recently and found them at a QT store…sitting there..in the refrigerated section….calling out to passersby.    So hopefully QT will continue to stock them.   It’s been awhile since I have had them and was overjoyed with this square of perfection.