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21 May

Whoa, whoa…WHOA.

I can now get RICOS  nacho cheese in a microwavable…squeezable bottle?

Is that you Lord?

Have you heard my prayers?

Sweet baby Jesus this is a game changer!

Gonna be a nacho party ’round this ‘hood this week ya’ll!!!

Nachos!  woo woo!!!!!

(seriously this is a no-brainer and killer move by Mr. Ricos)

Deano’s Jalapenos

26 Dec

 Back in October at the State Fair I discovered these quirky little snacks.   Deano’s Jalapenos are deceptively simple.  Instead of jalapeno flavored chips; these are chips MADE from actual jalapenos.

They come in three flavors:  Sea Salt, Ranch, and Cheddar.      They are made in small batches in Vermont with peppers imported from Mexico and Texas.    So for the last few weeks I have been toting all three brands around in my bag.  The point?   To shout from rooftops and sing the praises of this AMAZING snacky-snack-snack.

I mean…..look at that bag. These sliced jalapeno chips are dusted with cheddar and simply fantastic.  It’s like portable nachos in my mouth!    The cheddar have lasted the longest because I have been quite stingy with them.   The Sea Salt and Ranch are both very good – but these cheddar ….knowing dear readers how much I love nachos…..????

Deano has major cool points awarded to him for creating something so simple and addictive.   I love them.  ALOT.   They slay me.    I seriously love jalapeno flavored chips and I am saying here and now that after eating these I might not ever buy jalapeno potato chips again.  They are THAT GOOD.

The best way to get these is direct from their website:

www.deanosjalapenos.com     These are JFC approved and

I am POSITIVE you have never enjoyed a snack quite like this before.


8 Oct

GOD knows I love nachos.   The Sev (7-11) has afforded me the opportunity to have them 24 hours a day.   That I am thankful for.

But it always required me dragging my lazy self to the actual Sev.

Roaming around the aisles of Wal-Mart (ever notice how many other people just apparently hang out at W/M?   Not really buying anything – just wandering around looking— usually teens—am I the only one seeing this?) anyway-  I found this great little four pack of RICOS cheese sauce.

I have found cans of Ricos cheese before – but to be honest it’s way too much cheese for me as I am making a single serving.   I am also the type that will never use the left overs.  I will just forget I have it or something.

So the fact that they have this lil’ four pack (slightly smaller serving than a Snack Pack pudding cup) I am excited at the quickness I can now have nachos at the ol’ casa.   The only problem is that I can’t find this anywhere but Wal-Mart.

I don’t know what life is like in your area – but here in the DFW, Wal-Mart – that is any, all, and every Wal-Mart is just about a nightmare when it comes to checking out.

Self service line is always broken.  Long lines with three available cashiers.  No matter what time it is.

So in order to have my cheese and eat it too – I have to shop at Wal-Mart like what I hear the early settlers did.   They would ride into town and shop for the month or so in advance so they don’t have to go back for a while.

That’s the only way I can talk myself into walking in that Wal-Mess to shop.