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9 Mar

UntitledThis might be hard to believe, but back in the day, Minyard was a pretty kick-ass grocery store.   It was locally owned, great prices, friendly staff.  I loved going there as a kid.  And seriously – what kid enjoys going to the grocery store?  When I moved back to Texas I discovered Minyard had all but dried-up.   It was sold off and the stores were now old and it had a horrible reputation in the eyes of many in this metroplex.

So when I read about Minyard had recently acquired some new locations that were formerly Tom Thumb or Albertson’s — and were using said locations to launch their rebrand/revamp/new concept MINYARD SUN FRESH — I was excited.Minyard as a whole is now back to being owned by a small company in Texas.   They are committed to rebuilding this brand and I applaud them.  You know I love to fight for and along side the underdog.  And man…let me tell you…. they are the “under-est” of dogs here.

Take this one-time Albertson’s on McKinney for example.   I have been here a few times now and I have chatted-up patrons and employees alike.   According to all – it’s not an easy transition.  People around that neighborhood have probably never even heard of “Minyard” and when they did it was about how “ghetto” those stores are…and now they have one in their own backyard.   So there is a bit of bitterness for some.   A few employees have also shared that they too have heard from customers that they will not shop there anymore and this-or-that.   So it must be rough having to muddle through all that negativity.

I am actually…carefully optimistic.  Which is so unlike me.   I can very easily see how others are already dooming this location to fail when the Whole Foods opens a few blocks away.   No doubt it will bite into their business but Whole Foods isn’t about the basics – so I would welcome that challenge if I were Minyard.    I would have a “take on the whole world” attitude and I would fight for every customer.  It might suck now, but if they can manage to turn around the instantly-negative-impression A LOT of people have of them, that would be an amazing accomplishment and something to be proud of.   I am certainly going to shop there.  And it is inconvenient for me to do so.   But I believe in the bigger picture…a return to greatness.

So how can they do this?   People at the McKinney location are telling me that the prices went up DRASTICALLY on many products.   Well…okay… calm down people.  These guys are just settling into that market.   Give them some time to get things smooth.    I also saw a tweet regarding this issue – and Minyard has already responded saying they are resetting their stores inventory and slashing prices on TEN THOUSAND products.   So keep it cool, kids.   Trust me, if they go off the rails and make it impossible to shop there due to selection, price, or some other customer-type issue – who do you think is gonna complain more than me?

Another step in the right direction is the “FRESH” part of the name.   Making sure they have quality foods….organics even…will go a long way (hint: they already do).  The frozen foods and canned items should have affordable and premium options available.   The deli selection should have nice quality meats and some healthier options too.   I see they already have a fresh sushi station so come on….

And more innovations like this…..Untitled

I am SO IN LOVE with this idea.   I can’t believe nobody has done it yet.   Minyards Sun Fresh has a CHICKEN WING BAR!!!!!   Are you serious???!?!?!?!   How awesome is that?    Traditional and Boneless in several flavors.   I have seen many people checking that feature out and loading up some wings to go.

WING BAR!?!?!?!   WOOO!!!!

So I know it’s hard letting go of your favorite local store.   I also know the public perception of this companies reputation.

I am just saying give them a break and a chance.  I think they will surprise you.