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26 Oct

 Few things kick ass like a great milkshake.   I tend to keep vampire hours so I am often up at 3:28am craving a chocolate milkshake and some chocolate donettes.

Like now.

This is where these new convenience store shake machines are really coming in handy.    I see them at just about every gas station now.   You pick a shake from the freezer, rip off the top- and drop it into the shake machine.   Choose the type of consistency – thick or thin- and boom.   The shake comes out perfect.

They go for around 2.49 – which is cheaper than most ice cream shops.   Add to that, the idea of getting it at anytime of day makes this extra tasty.

Seriously, where are my car keys?

SHAKE or MALT!?!?!

25 Feb

This is the second time, in a month that I have taken a wrong turn and ended up doing a review.  I was cutting across through Irving TX, and I passed by BIG STATE DRUG STORE.  Now, this is a place I have passed for years and never thought to stop by.  But seeing the “soda fountain” sign in the window, I was reminded that I always planned on checking out that feature.  So why not now?

When you walk in, it’s a very clean and simple store.   You can tell that they function mainly as a pharmacy and soda fountain, as those two features are the most explored.  The rest of the store has a smattering of kitchsy-knick-knacks for sale as well as some general stuff.   I was kind of surprised that the store didn’t have more merchandise.  Or maybe that the merchandise was kind of “meh”.  Aside from picking up some food or a prescription, I wouldn’t think to shop here for things.  And maybe that is the point.  Perhaps all the other, chain stores have cut into that portion of their business.  Sad really.  I tend to fall in LOVE with places like this very quickly because of their “cool” factor as well as the fact they are usually LOCAL businesses.  We tend to forget that local business was once the heart of every community.  Something we should give a second chance to.  If I lived close by, I would make it a point of frequenting this place for my pharmacy needs.

The employees were all very soft spoken and super friendly.  This place really does have a charm about it.

 A few steps in and you see the superstar of this show, the soda fountain.   There is a a few booths and a counter.  Behind you can see all the tools necessary for making just about anything you could want.  There were a couple of kids ordering lunch as I settled down at the counter.  The waitress/cook was very friendly as I watched her chat up the kids as they asked questions about the menu.   She then took my order and went to work.  Great thing about places like this, every item is made fresh.  No hamburgers sitting in a heat tray or warming them in a microwave before handing them off.  Nope.  Each item is assembled by hand.  That “freshness” will take maybe one or two minutes longer than you might expect from a fast food place, but is certainly well worth the time.

The items offered range from all sort of breakfast deals as well as hamburgers, sandwiches, and other snacks.  They also maintain a pretty good amount of soda items.  Longneck Dr Pepper, Big Red, RC Cola among others are all there for purchase.  They also make flavored sodas and hand dipped milkshakes and sundaes.

I really wasn’t that hungry, so I just had a chocolate malt and some onion rings.  The malt arrives and I am overwhelmed.  It was a rich, chocolate-y, thick malt.   This is the type of place that makes the shake/malt in a mixer, and bring you the mixer cup as well as your malt so you can have whatever was left over.  This is wonderful value.  Shakes/Malts are about 3 bucks, which compared with what you get at a restaurant or fast food place, is very resonable, and I would say better than most shakes I have had in the last year.

Already I have two reasons to come back to this place!

Now the onion rings.  Well….sorta “meh”.  Instantly forgettable.  Like the “store brand” version you would find in the grocery store.  Sure, they were onion rings, but not great by any means.  Sorry, Big State.

By the time I had polished off that malt and half the rings, I was FULL.  That malt was very FILLING.  Can I just mention, AGAIN, how good it was?

I really wanted to try a Cheeseburger from this place, but I just simply couldn’t.  Since my visit, I have talked to some people that are telling me how much I have missed out.  So as of this writing, I am making plans to visit again very soon.

I saw a flyer, in-store, for an upcoming classic car show that they sponsor.  Very cool, and another way they keep in touch with the community.  Sounded like a fun event too.  They are going to have their own “drive-in” movie playing on the big wall behind the store in their parking lot.  How cool is that?

Overall, I really loved this place.  And now that I have found it, I will frequent it when I can.  The place has been around since the 40’s, so that earns respect.  But in the grand scheme of business today, having a place like that still in operation is incredible.  And that longevity is, I am sure, due to a legion of loyal customers that already know what I just found out….. that this place is worth every cent you spend there!

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