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Making a McStake

23 Feb
chicken bites by Junk Food Critic
chicken bites, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

So everyone is giving up things for LENT. Most people I know are giving up fast food or booze.

McDonald’s (all restaurants in general) have been pretty shrewd about the whole idea of LENT.

Back in the day, alot of people would give up MEAT. So you would see a HUGE rise in fish sales and consumption.

This is why Wendy’s and McDonald’s are pushing their FISH items pretty hard.

I have little to no interest in Mickey D’s new FISH McBites. Fast Fish Food is rarely good in my humble opinion.

So I was kinda shocked today when I went to McD’s to get a snack….

If you have read this blog at all, you might have seen my other post about how I gave up McDonald’s for a year. No problem. After that year was over I found I could pretty much get along without the golden arches…..But I discovered two things that keep me coming back…..the smoothies and the Chicken McBites.

…so….as LENT arrives, I am having chicken. Which shouldn’t be a problem….

EXCEPT… I am told at the drive thru that NOW McDonald’s only carries FISH McBites. I ask if this is due to LENT and I am told by the manager that Mickey D’s have discontinued the Chicken McBites.

This is a HUGE McStake and has cost them my business three times so far.

I hope this location was just misinformed, and that those Chicken McBites find their way back soon.
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Mickey D’s….one year later.

5 Sep

It was a test of willpower.  Where I live and just about every place I go, I am surrounded by McDonald’s restaurants.

That availability makes it very easy to just swing in for a quick meal as I run errands.

But about a year ago I got just burnt out (yes..the junk food critic got burnt out on junk food?!?!) on McDonald’s.  Bad service, bad food, I was just  tired of dealing with it.  So a friend bet me that I couldn’t go a YEAR without eating McDonald’s food. 

Now, if there was some new Mickey D’s menu item that I was DYING to try, I could have a BITE of it for review purposes.  But the rest of the time,  I was to swear off the golden arches at all costs.

AND I DID IT.   And it wasn’t easy.  At least at first.  I found the convenience of McDonald’s is what was the most difficult starting out.  I am always late, and the quickness of the drive thru is so tempting. 

The more I thought about it the more I realized that I would eat on auto-pilot.  Drive-thru, and eat mindlessly as I am hauling ass to my next appointment.  I wasn’t really enjoying the food or the experience.  It was just a blur.

I started looking around my area and made a switch here and there to other fast food places that were close to McDonald’s. 

But there are alot of fast food places that I am just not a fan of. 

Now my food choices were limited.   I had to start taking some chances.

7-11, local mom & pop places, and all these sandwich shops were popping up everywhere (which-wich, potbelly’s, etc…) so if I just took a minute and a chance- I found alot of new options. Most of these places offered something I liked better than Mickey D’s.

About a month into this, I was totally fine with NOT going to McDonald’s.  The thing I missed the most was the FRIES.  Man…those fries are good.

So good in fact, that at first  I started just skipping the fries whenever I would go somewhere else.  I mean if you can’t have the best, why bother right?

A trip to Jake’s put an end to my FRY-drought because those sweet potato fries are da BOMB!!!

Six months in, and I could still go to a McDonald’s (they were now offering kick ass drinks like Strawberry Lemonade or that new Pineapple-Mang0 smoothie…which I LOVE!!!!!) and not even be tempted to order food. 

….but that french fry smell would always linger in my nose, tempting me.

It’s a year later and I write this after just having a  Chicken Select Combo for lunch.

Funny how life repeats itself.  To be honest, I was STUCK.  I had NO option.  If I didn’t get something to eat, I wasn’t going to eat for 8 hours later.  So I broke down and gave in to the Mick.

 So????  Now that you have some distance…review it!!!  How was it? 

THE GOOD – Consistency.  That clown knows how to make some french fries.  The two things that stand out in my mind is the fries, the coke, and the basic hamburger.  All three of those taste EXACTLY the same for as long as I can remember. 

I LOVE that.  All too often, restaurants try to tweak their menu constantly and the sacrifice of taste is passed along to YOU.  I like that a happy meal tastes exactly the same as it did when I was a kid.  In fact, to this day it’s still my favorite choice at McDonald’s. 

Come on— burger, fries, a drink (too small tho) and a cool (usually) toy?!?!?  No brainer! 


I never really noticed how quickly fast food gets COLD.  I mean my order wasn’t fresh and hot to begin with, but it seemed that the four minutes it took me to leave the drive thru and pull over to eat, my food was almost already cold. 

I also found I had to drown my chicken fingers in sauce to give them any real flavor.  Over all I found myself regretting my visit.  

Why didn’t I just order  the Happy Meal???

Tomorrow, I start anew….


Up until about a year ago (coincidence??? maybe) the first McDonald’s I ever went to in my life was still there.  Looking like I always remembered it, complete with playground. 

…and they tore it down.  Replaced it with the NEW MODERN McDONALD’S design.  Gone are the murals of Ronald and Friends.  Now it’s carefully designed and custom colored to make you hungry-

(did you know certain colors make people hungry and that is why most  restaurants choose reds and browns in their decor??)  

– and all the fun is gone.  And I think that is part of the problem.   Sure the food isn’t the healthiest, but they are making changes to the menu to offer better options.  But McDonald’s…as long as I have known it…wasn’t JUST about food.  The were the kid-friendly restaurant that was affordable. 

What I don’t like is the amount of pressure they have put on the company to get rid of Ronald McDonald.  What is the difference between him and Chuck E. Cheese?  

Sure, they entice kids to want to go there…but let’s be honest….what kid growing up wanted to go to either for the food? 

It’s like Hooters.  Do guys go there for the games?  NO, they go to eat and talk to the chicks.  

If Ronald is SUCH a wrong message to send, shall we get rid of all businesses that use an enticement to get business?  You can see where I am going here.

Maybe it is nostaliga talking, but turning McDonald’s into Starbucks (no matter how successful they have been with the coffee) is a wrong move.  Kids have few places where they can just go and be kids.   Why can’t we have both? 

I’m not saying Mr. McDonald is a saint, but as another clown might say to him….


and this is coming from someone who is starting another one year sabbatical tomorrow. 

p.s. – I still like ya Ronald and I love that Pineapple/Mango smoothie – good show!


28 Feb

So earlier today, I noticed this dum-dum trying to go through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a on a Sunday.  They are closed on Sunday.

Well, as I kept telling that story and sharing that picture (see previous post) I started getting a rather LARGE craving for    Chick-fil-a.

Asking around, I have found this to be true of alot of people.  Chick-fil-a is losing out on alot of business, just from me, because Sunday is usually the day I want it.  Probably just because I know I can’t have it.   Stupid conditioned response to indirect stimulus!!!

So, this frustration leads me to the golden arches, no, not McDowell’s (they have the golden ARCs).  I am talking about Mickey D’s.

They have this SOUTHWEST CHICKEN SANDWICH that tastes JUST LIKE the regular Chick-fil-a sandwich.  AND, I can have it ANY TIME.  Several Mickey D’s by me are open 24 hours a day.

(ok, TRUTH?  The sandwich tastes NOTHING like the Chick-fil-a version.  It’s like the Chick-fil-a version “on a budget”.  BUT when you can’t have that juicy, delicious, tender, evenly cooked and lovingly constructed Chick-fil-a sandwich, the one from Mickey D’s will do in a pinch)

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!!

Rough Waters Ahoy for Mickey D’s ??

11 Sep

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that HOKI, the main ingredient used to create the famous FILET-O-FISH is being monitored off the coast of New Zealand (where the fish is exported from).

It seems CAPTAIN CROOK’s boys scoop up about 15 million pounds of hoki.

With Ronald cooking up so much fish, the conservationists and environmental agencies in the region, are concerned that the eco-system can recover fast enough to maintain a “sustainable” source of the fish.

Drive thru-

(p.s. – Captain Crook is from a McD ad campaign from back in the day)

check out the full story here:


(images ©mcdonalds– storry ©NYT)