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JFC on MarketWatch !!!

31 May

As we go into the weekend, I want to leave you with a little something special.   I am always thankful and swollen with pride when I get the opportunity to talk junk food with people like Adrienne Mitchell and the top-drawer organization that is MarketWatch.   This time we chat about the hot story of the summer-  Burger King’s Rib sammich and it’s impact on the golden arches.  Click the MarketWatch logo to hear the full segment!

The Best of 2012

31 Dec

As the last day of 2012 crawls by, I am reminded of my FIVE favorite moments of the past year.   These are in the order they happened – not in order of importance.

ONE-  Way back in Feb.  I had the pleasure of being a guest on Houston’s News92FM.  Jack-in-the-Box had just released the Bacon Shake and Scott Braddock was daring enough to invite me on to review that mess of a shake.  I enjoyed this interview and it was both fun and funny.  Thanks to Scott Braddock for the opportunity.

TWO- April arrives and I get an email that meant the world to me. If you have read this blog for any amount of time or have talked to me – you know that I have a deep undying affection for Mazzio’s Pizza. It’s my favorite all time pizza joint. Even before it was Mazzio’s…it was Ken’s…and Ken’s was my favorite before I had Mazzio’s. So my love for this company and it’s product is strong.

Julie Selby, the daughter of Ken Selby (the father of Ken’s and Mazzio’s) sent me an email sharing how her and her father both read my blog and enjoyed my Mazzio’s-love. Hearing that just made my month. Or two.

THREE- October rolls around and I am stoked because the monster cereals (FrankenBerry, Boo Berry, Count Chocula) are all out as a seasonal product. I have loved these since I was in short-pants and they are always a welcome treat for Halloween. Adrienne Mitchell from Marketwatch.com rang me up to interview me about said monster cereals. Talk about knowing your material!!! This was an absolute pleasure and I am thankful to both Marketwatch.com and Adrienne Mitchell for having the patience to book a crazy kid like me.  You can hear that interview by clicking here.

FOUR- Also in October – I discovered CHOP HOUSE BURGERS in Arlington and was just blown away. The burgers, sweet-potato-fries, the killer onion rings….it’s all incredible. I love char-broiled burgers and have difficulty finding any place that made them. Chef Kenny Mills knows his stuff and has created the absolute best burger in Arlington. Maybe even the Metroplex.  Read that review here


FIVE- And finally I want to give a special shout out to my favorite product of 2012. DEANO’S JALAPENOS. Deano created chips from actual jalapenos – not flavored potato chips – and they were just snackable, portable, tasty, addictive, and cool. Everywhere I took them, people raved about how flavorful and unique these were. Instant classic and the official Junk Food Critic favorite product of 2012.  Read more about it here.

And there it is. The best of 2012. Here is hoping 2013 is at least half as fun as this year was!!!! Goodbye 2012….hello 2013!!!!!!!!!!