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24 Sep


Now you know I loves me some lemonade.   So walking around the Wal-Mart deli section (which seems to be a contradiction) I noticed this “Marketside” brand of drinks (that are sorta hard to find so I don’t see them selling many if they keep them hidden like this) and there is a lemonade?  And it’s 88 cents??  SOLD.

It’s not overly sweet, or acidic, or tangy.  It’s kinda mild and I was burning up hot and thirsty so it was smooth and perfect.

Did I mention it’s 88 cents?  Might have to pick up another couple of these now that I am reflecting on it.

McDonald’s Strawberry Lemonade

14 Sep


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIs there anyone that doesn’t love lemonade?  Like seriously?  Go sit down somewhere.   Lemonade is awesome.  Flavored lemonades are awesomer even.  Sometimes.

I don’t eat much McDonald’s unless it’s a new menu item…and now we have Olivia for that (hee hee hee).   But Mickey D’s does manage to keep some skin in the game with these drinks.

Now (and if my luck holds…it’s for a limited time) they have lemonades.   You can get a frozen or over-ice regular or strawberry version.  I have the over-ice-strawberry here and it was pretty tasty.  Not overly sweet or tart.  Just enough balance so as not to offend.

I also like the mini chunks of real (REAL LIFE!!!!) strawberries floating around in there.  Makes a fun game when I am fishing them out to eat later.   Ok so it’s not actually a fun game but I have a long drive sometimes and radio in this town suuuuucks so I have to do something distracting while driving…besides texting…and finding podcasts…and sending a tweet…and eating ice out of the cup while at the same time trying to get one of the strawberry pieces.

Burger King Frozen Lemonade

22 Aug

Burger King is always sold out or is does not have available the new Frozen Lemonade quite often around these here parts.    I finally got one and it’s pretty good in a slurpee-slushie type way.    It’s your basic lemonde just more freezy like.

I am sure you understand what I mean.

Anyway I had half this sucker gone before I remembered I needed a pic for the website so what you see is a work-in-progress.

I LOVE lemondade and that sweet-n-sour balance.   This one from BK is a little more on the sweeter side than I would want but it’s still good on a hot day – like every day last week.

Another summer release so expect it to be gone by the time I finish drinking this one here.


25 Feb

North Park Mall in Dallas has a great little addiction brewing in me with the addition of Wetzel’s Pretzels.  I loves me a good soft pretzel.   This California-based chain has some nice twists (oh lord..that horrific pun was unintentional) on the classic pretzel.  First, these things are huge and they have a variety of flavorings and sauces.  They also have a step up and have things like the pizza-pretzel you see to your left.   The keep the party rockin’ with hotdogs wrapped in their fresh-baked pretzel dough.

It all looks so good and yum-yum.  For my very first Wetzel, I went with the pizza, a side of pizza sauce, and a large lemonade.  8 bucks later I am walking off with a gigantic and quite tasty snack.

Yeah, I did say 8 bucks.   For a pretzel, sauce, and lemonade.  When did lemonade get so expensive?   It’s still water, lemons, and sugar- yes?

So for the price of two gallons of gas* (my new money measurement tool) I was rather impressed with the Wetzel gang.   There are several other flavors and that pretzel-dog looked fantastic!    Great lemonade too, despite the price.

Chick-fil-Ain’t Much Lunch

24 Jan
chickmeal by Junk Food Critic
chickmeal, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Chick-fil-a (wow is it annoying to have to type that way each time) has always tried to take an even handed approach to it’s food.

It provides great meals and also some healthier choices if you are leaning that way.

In the past, I have tried their grilled chicken sandwiches and loved them. True they aren’t as indulgent as their normal fare, but still pretty good.

So when I heard they were slightly revamping the kid’s meal, I was interested.

Mainly because I love the happy meal idea.

More often than not, the portion sizes of food in a kid’s meal is enough for me. The price is usually cheaper.

oh–and I get a TOY. I never understood why places didn’t offer toys or something with their adult meals.

Think about it. If you got the burger combo– you got an iphone holder that looks like a money. Okay….moving on…

So I wheeled into the “chick” and ordered the new kids meal.

What was once: Four nuggets, fries, drink, and a toy…. can now be GRILLED nuggets, fruit (either fruit cup or puree pouch) and a drink (milk, water, apple juice, or lemonade)

No longer are they serving soda. Which is odd since their lemonade and apple juice contain a ton of sugar I would imagine.

Now this was a tidy little SNACK. The nuggets were hot and fresh. Tasty as boneless-skinless-plain-if-you-dont-count-salt-and-pepper can be.

It’s essentially an unbreaded chicken strip cut into four pieces. Good for some protein, but I am guessing I will be hungry again in a couple hours.

The pouch of puree was rather neat. It’s cinnamon apple sauce basically. So sucking that down might be fun for the kids. Great way to get them more fruits. This was actually the best thing of the meal. I should see if they have these in the stores. Quick and easy on the go food.

I take that back. The best part of lunch was the lemonade. Sure the size is way to small for me, but GOOD LORD does Chick-fil-a make some mighty fine LEMONADE.

So sweet and tangy. It’s like me, but drinkable!

I would totally order this again if I was just a little bit hungry and didn’t want to cook.

Who am I kidding??? If I go to chick-fil-a, I gots ta have my SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH!!!!!! woOOOOOO!!!!


20 Mar

I LOVED the idea of combining restaurants ever since I saw the first one.   Seeing a Taco Bell/KFC together just screams SMART.

Why?  When we are out and about, nobody can EVER decide what to get to eat.  So we end up making at least two stops for lunch or whatever.  This cuts that down with more choices at ONE place!

Truth be told, I (unlike everyone else in the world) am not that big a fan of Taco Bell.   There food is okay, but I am more the TACO CABANA type.  Maybe all that time spent in San Antonio, where they are on every corner.

The JFC had a meeting, and it turns out that everyone wanted food too, so we stopped at this TACO BELL/ KFC.

The store had a nice, hip design to it.  The people were friendly.  I was the least hungry of everyone so I wanted to try the new KFC BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST.

It’s exactly what you think.  It’s just a chicken breast breaded and cooked (they have the grilled version too).   This thing was like a GIANT nugget.  It was good, but not great.  In retrospect, I should have just purchased the chicken breast which would have probably been cheaper and received more meat.  I would have to tear it off the bone myself, but sometimes you gotta do things.

To wash my giant, rather dry nugget down, I had a …wait..let me look at the cup…a FRUTISTA FREEZE drink.  Mine was Strawberry Lemonade.  It’s basically a slushie type drink with strawberry sundae topping on top.  Super sweet and pretty good actually.  Don’t know why I was surprised, but I totally was.

These two things together cost me over 5 bucks.  Which is funny because they have a promo now called a FIVE DOLLAR BOX, which contains:

1 cheesy gordita crunch

1 burrito supreme

1 cruncy taco

1 cinnamon twists

1 medium drink

I don’t think I have ever been hungry enough to polish off that box by myself.  Maybe on an “el cheapo” date night you could go and split it with a lady friend.  But I wouldn’t expect a second date after that.  Take her somewhere nice, tightwad!