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24 Jan

UntitledSooo….. I keep trying the wings at WingStreet.  To be honest, I don’t know exactly when the whole “pizza and wings” thing came about.   It’s great if you are feeding a crowd or having food for a game but….eh….. most of the time you get great pizza and “meh” wings ….or the other way around.

I have said in the past that I love the chicken that WingStreet uses— BIG chunks of white meat chicken.  As far as flavors go…I haven’t found one that I am crazy about.   I DO love Lemon Pepper, so when I heard they have a new rub I was ready.

And you can see…not much in the way of coloring …and not much in added taste as well.  They are salty and a hint…and I mean HINT of lemon or pepper flavor…but it’s only a HINT.

Hint= not much here people.



1 Jan

Wingstop is a pretty popular wing  joint around these parts.  They have pretty good prices and some great flavors.

Oh….that Lemon Pepper…..mmmmmm .

One of the MAJOR complaints (and only complaint really) that I hear from Wingstop fans is the size of the chicken.   They tend  to be rather small.  Which is good for Wingstop because you tend to order more.

Evidently they have heard our suggestions because the wings I got this weekend were HUGE.   They even have signage all over the joint talking about how they have NEW and BIGGER wings!  This changes all the combos as well.  They now come in 6,8, and 10 piece combos.

This is a KILLER move and I am certain this will satisfy all the wingsters out there.    These are plump, juicy, and massive compared to the wings they used to sell.  Good show!   Just ANOTHER reason I will have to swing by on the way home.

Did I mention that Lemon Pepper is yummy?