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Lay’s Passport Flavor Chips

17 Aug


So Lay’s is back at it again coming up with a bevy of new chips with flavors from around the world….culture diversity and all that…now in chip form.   So let’s get at them–

GREEK TZATZIKI – blue bag – These “wavy-lay” version was the first I tried and they aren’t bad.  I sort of expected a sour-cream-and-onion flavor and while it wasn’t that…..it was very mild and unassuming.  Very lite on seasoning.

CHINESE SZECHUAN CHICKEN – red bag – okay these got seasoning on them for days.  Wow.  Lots of mixed flavors hitting my taste buds.   I think I taste like a chicken flavor in there too.  Odd and kooky.  Not my fave. Very strong.

BRAZILIAN PICANHA – green bag – These are “steak and chimichurri sauce” flavor. I taste no steak.  These taste like pico flavor…..or maybe cilantro….yeah…that’s it. Cilantro chips here.  These would be awesome as a kettle chip so you could dip them in salsa.

INDIAN TIKKA MASALA – orange bag- These “kettle” chips have the best crunch and quite a strong aroma and flavor.   They are heavy on the seasoning and aren’t great…which is weird because I like Tikka Masala, so I figured the chip would get a passing grade.

WINNER?……fellowship.   I bought these all at once and have several JFC folks sit and try them all at the same time.   We joked, we laughed, we argued which one was best…and that was the extent of the enjoyment.  Nobody admitted publically that they would buy any of these.