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31 Jan

UntitledColonel Sanders has never been so busy.  Between making those annoying commercials (and KFC knows they are annoying…they think it’s funny…which I think is funny) and rolling out new snacks, that man is gettin’ too old for this $#!+

KFC Georgia Gold BBQ is a honey mustard based sauce that KFC rolled out last Friday night.   I had pretty good timing on this visit – my chicken and biscuit were all rolling out hot and fresh.   The chicken tenders are their standard version – but these were probably the best I ever had since they were ultra-fresh.  Super tender inside and crispy outside.

The Georgia Gold sauce (you can see a slight gold hue to the chicken above) gave it a nice mild kick.  Good flavors.   A little more mild than I was expecting.   I was/am a big fan of KFC’s Nashville HOT chicken..so this is just a step back..in terms of boldness.  Which is fine…and it’s good…but it sorta makes me think they should have released this one first and then the hotter style later.

For sure worth trying.  It just might be your new favorite thing from that crazy colonel.


26 Jul

KFC has released HOT SHOT BITES which are a spicy version of the KFC BITES they released just less than a year ago. I reviewed those here. I liked them back then (when they were fresh) so I was stoked for the new ones. Lord knows I love spicy and these seem like such a natural progression that I am wondering why they didn’t bring these out a year ago.

The TV commercial currently airing shows a woman trying them and slapping her male friend because they are so hot.

Perhaps I am just built for lava because they aren’t THAT hot. They have some cayenne spice to them and have a heat that builds with each piece. By the end of six I was feeling it but they don’t scorch on the first bite like TV would have you believing.

Like the original bites, these suffer from a freshness issue. I have had them 3 different times and two out of the three were excellent. Moist, tender, spicy and crunchy. The odd time out they were chewy, rubbery, and tasted almost cold. Like they had been sitting there for a while. It will sound snobbish but these are something I will always have to ask if they are fresh or not. OR ask to wait for fresh ones. It really does make an incredible difference.

I don’t go to KFC on the reg, but now that these are there I have reason to. I love spicy chicken and having quick access to a snack like this is worth the 3 bucks.

UPDATE:  I have had these again since this review and I found that adding the packets of KFC Hot Pepper Sauce to these doubles the heat and spice…so if you can take it, try it.   I like them more with the sauce!!

KFC Boneless Chicken

2 May

I find it funny that KFC is now catering to the “adults that were raised on chicken nuggets”.

I know several people who will not eat chicken off the bone, but love chicken nuggets.   I always thought that strange but I guess we live in a nugget-world.  Marketing has jumped all over this and now KFC sells the biggest “nuggets” you can get with their new “boneless chicken”.

These are quite large pieces, and feature white and dark meat.  As I pulled on the pieces,they would readily fall-away, making me wonder if the “white and dark meat” part means they actually have white and dark meat together in these.  Am I eating Franken-chicken here?

I got the 2 piece with potato skins and a drink for 5.40.   Pretty reasonable price.  Driving down the street my first bite was of the biscuit.  Hot. Fresh, Buttery.  Wow, I forgot how good these are when fresh.

The ‘skins were also hot and fresh.    Then I see what looks like small chicken breasts.  You don’t immediately notice they are boneless because it looks like normal chicken.

The first piece was moist, tender, juicy, pulled-away clean into nice chunks, and had great taste to it.    I am not missing the bones whatsoever. Breadding was light and crisp but still a bit tender.

This is the colonel doin’ chicken right!!!!

This might be the best piece of chicken I have ever had from KFC in my life.

The second piece was the worst piece of chicken I have ever had from KFC in my life.   Dry, brittle-breadding, and any moisture that was in this piece of chicken had left hours ago.  Didn’t make it through the second piece.

I was at this location at  1 pm, so I was expecting some pretty fresh food as the lunch rush was on   I honestly couldn’t believe these two pieces were in the same box.   It’s almost like they picked one fresh piece and one older piece on purpose. Which is understandable but I am concerned that this boneless chicken might not have a great shelf-life.

The quality of the chicken couldn’t be more drastic or noticeable in terms of freshness, taste, and appearance.

It’s the same issue I found in the past with the chicken pieces.   When they are fresh, they give Chick-fil-a some serious competition for best chicken pieces.   When they are not fresh, they are dry, tough, and discouraging.


23 Aug

TRIP ONE: Saturday 11:55 am. I am trying these KFC bites for the first time. They are tender, lightly breaded, moist and tasty. I haven’t been to KFC in a while, so this could bring me back on a regular basis. These things give Chick-fil-a nuggets a run for their money!!!!

TRIP TWO: Sunday 1:17 pm – I am pulling out of the drive and popping these bad boys into the huge tub of BBQ sauce they give you. These things are super hot and fresh from the oven(fryer?) KFC is on to something with these. I am liking the consistency!!!! (See pic!!!)

TRIP THREE: Monday 7:32pm – I have pulled over at the KFC/Taco Bell hybrid store to open my order.

What the hell??? These things are at least three shades darker than the last ones. They are solid and tough. They are excessively chewy and gross. I am not eating these.

Now I am confused. Is it because I went to a Taco Bell / KFC? Was I wrong to think they could make them the exact same way as the KFC stand alone stores? Was I about to relive the nightmare from my previous Taco Bell experience all over again???

This one trip has blown the whole curve and almost erased my fond memories from the previous trip.

If I have these again it will be at a stand alone KFC. All will be riding on that order my friends. Stay tuned!!

Colonel size buffet ???

16 Aug

This is a billboard doing it’s job.  I had to stop and circle back around just to make sure.   It seems some KFC locations have a buffet.   No.  seriously.


I am surprised too.  Surprised that the parking lot was not filled with people asking for biscuits by the dozen.   People were not lined up to stuff themselves full of those eleven herbs and spices.

Lord, never let me pass this place hammered and hungry.


20 Mar

I LOVED the idea of combining restaurants ever since I saw the first one.   Seeing a Taco Bell/KFC together just screams SMART.

Why?  When we are out and about, nobody can EVER decide what to get to eat.  So we end up making at least two stops for lunch or whatever.  This cuts that down with more choices at ONE place!

Truth be told, I (unlike everyone else in the world) am not that big a fan of Taco Bell.   There food is okay, but I am more the TACO CABANA type.  Maybe all that time spent in San Antonio, where they are on every corner.

The JFC had a meeting, and it turns out that everyone wanted food too, so we stopped at this TACO BELL/ KFC.

The store had a nice, hip design to it.  The people were friendly.  I was the least hungry of everyone so I wanted to try the new KFC BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST.

It’s exactly what you think.  It’s just a chicken breast breaded and cooked (they have the grilled version too).   This thing was like a GIANT nugget.  It was good, but not great.  In retrospect, I should have just purchased the chicken breast which would have probably been cheaper and received more meat.  I would have to tear it off the bone myself, but sometimes you gotta do things.

To wash my giant, rather dry nugget down, I had a …wait..let me look at the cup…a FRUTISTA FREEZE drink.  Mine was Strawberry Lemonade.  It’s basically a slushie type drink with strawberry sundae topping on top.  Super sweet and pretty good actually.  Don’t know why I was surprised, but I totally was.

These two things together cost me over 5 bucks.  Which is funny because they have a promo now called a FIVE DOLLAR BOX, which contains:

1 cheesy gordita crunch

1 burrito supreme

1 cruncy taco

1 cinnamon twists

1 medium drink

I don’t think I have ever been hungry enough to polish off that box by myself.  Maybe on an “el cheapo” date night you could go and split it with a lady friend.  But I wouldn’t expect a second date after that.  Take her somewhere nice, tightwad!