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KFC Strawberry Lemonade

29 May

Why in the world has this not happened before????   Fried chicken…here in the south…is often considered a fantastic summertime picnic ready type food.    To wash it down is usually some sweet tea or lemonade.

Seeing “new” lemonades (regular and flavored) on the menu seemed like a no-brainer.   If they offered lemonade in some other form before…I have no memory of it.

So I ordered my combo and was looking forward to the addition of some Strawberry Lemonade to my lunch.

What I got…amounted to some watered-down-powdered-drink-mix.    Serious disappointment here.  Oddly enough, there were some strawberry seeds at the bottom so I know at least the squirt of strawberry flavoring has some kind of actual strawberry it…but overall it was just …..not what I expected.   Or will order again.