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JFC on the NY POST

16 Jul

 I am so late in posting this.   Joe Anuta contacted me Monday looking to talk Twinkie with the ol’ JFC kid here.    We had a nice chat and he ended up quoting me for his piece.   You can read his cool article by clicking the NYP pic or here.

I am always happy to talk junk food with anyone, but this being for “The Post” is kinda special to me-  as I spent many a day in Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manny-Hatty ….and many of those days were me having a slice and reading The Post.   I mean, who doesn’t love The Post??    Props to Mr. Anuta for asking me and for doing a nice piece for the NYP.


JFC on MarketWatch !!!

31 May

As we go into the weekend, I want to leave you with a little something special.   I am always thankful and swollen with pride when I get the opportunity to talk junk food with people like Adrienne Mitchell and the top-drawer organization that is MarketWatch.   This time we chat about the hot story of the summer-  Burger King’s Rib sammich and it’s impact on the golden arches.  Click the MarketWatch logo to hear the full segment!

TACO something Part ONE

27 Jul

I am often given suggestions about things to review.   I love hearing about new places and new things to try that fall into my wheelhouse.

But I am also asked quite frequently why I don’t review the Taco places (Bell, Bueno, Del, and Cabana) that often.  They are mostly correct.   I don’t normally eat there or review them.  I did review the Doritos Tacos here and I have a Del Taco thing coming up that I totally forgot about until now.  But aside from that, I just don’t frequent them much.

Except Taco Cabana.  I absolutely LOVE Taco Cabana.

But Tacos Bell and Bueno have burned me so often with bad service and food that I just can’t fall in love with.

Case in point – LAST WEEKEND – I was with a friend who likes Taco Bell.  I don’t fault or try to talk anyone out of going to some place I don’t like.  To each his own.

So I am in the car with them and we are pulling into Taco Bell so she can get some food.   I had no plans to order anything.  I am just along for the ride.  But I notice a couple of new items on their menu.   One is called the FRESCO CHICKEN SOFT TACO.   The picture on the menu is of a flour tortilla, thick grilled chicken, pico, and cilantro.

This looked SO GOOD.  Like a cross between a fajita taco and a taqueria style taco.  Have I been missing out on something awesome all this time?  Has Taco Bell finally found the key to unlock my loyalty?


I didn’t even bother to take a picture of it.  It was a large flour tortilla with tiny chunks of chicken and about two fistfuls of lettuce.   NOT AT ALL looking like or containing the same ingredients listed on the menu not four feet away from me.   This was literally a tortilla filled with lettuce and chicken sprinkles.   It was a soggy mess.

I was confused.  I was pissed.   This was like BAIT-and-SWITCH to me.   I even asked the employee if they gave me the right thing.  They said YEP.

Okay – then I would like my money back.  I am not eating this.

It was SO quiet that I could hear the cashier BLINKING at me.   You want your money back?  Yes.   Can’t we just get you another one?   No.  Okay so I will have to get the manager because I don’t know how to do that.   You don’t know how to give me my money back?  Okay- go get the manager.  Everyone involved in this was so rude.

It seems this store has a policy that they don’t give refunds.  They just give you some other food in trade or replace the item.   I am DONE paying for stuff I don’t like and I don’t want anything.  So I finally get my money back (they couldn’t figure out how much the tax would be so I told them to keep it) and I went to throw the food away and I noticed the bag my ONE taco was in.

I asked for some hot sauce and received exactly 23 – that’s TWENTY THREE packages of sauce for ONE TACO.     This is beyond wasteful.

Oh…and this isn’t the END of this story… be continued….

CANDY COUNTER: The Classics v.1

18 Jul

Sometimes you just want the classic.  I was standing in a store looking down the candy aisle.   Didn’t want chocolate.   No to peanut butter.  I wanted fruit flavors but not chewy like Starburst or Skittles.   I just stood there for a second and had pretty much given up.

I was on my out of this aisle, and on the upper corner… a spot I hardly ever looked at before is Lifesavers.   The original fruit flavors:  CHERRY – RASPBERRY-WATERMELON-ORANGE-PINEAPPLE.  All flavorful from first taste to last.  Hard-candy, sweet, and a solid crunch if I want it.   I am instantly reminded – or more like asking myself – when have I had these last?   I couldn’t remember so that in and of itself was worth the purchase.    These are timeless treats that have been around forever and it’s easy to see why.   It’s simple and hard to beat.

Hello again, Lifesavers.   I forgot how much I missed ya.

TASTE TEST: BK Sweet Potato Fries

18 Jun

The level of pressure on fast food joints to come up with something new and exciting is at an all time high.

Every summer now, we are treated to new and limited offerings.

I think Burger King did something smart here.  They didn’t just come out with new summer menu items.  They are using a theme that falls right in line with their food.

The summer BBQ.    In addition to special burgers and the bacon sundae I already reviewed.. comes Sweet Potato Fries.

I thought this interesting because it’s the new trend.  EVERY burger joint that considers itself trendy is offering them.  This is funny to me because when I lived in Vegas, there was this great place there and that was the first time I ever saw or heard of them being offered.   They were fantastic.  Flash forward to now and they are everywhere.

Which is also a repeatedly interesting and funny thing to me about the food business.   It can take a year to get from concept to drive-thru and most of the time the trend is over by the time it hits your favorite place.

Remember a couple of years back when every place had a chipotle something-or-other?

I do think that sweet potato fries aren’t as trendy as a sauce.   I genuinely enjoyed these.  They were crisp, hot, and tender on the insider.  Perfect.   I have had SWF at alot of places, and these are just as good as alot of gourmet burger places popping up.

I can see these sticking around for awhile after the summer.

But then again I liked the BK ribs….whadda-ya-mean you don”t remember that?

TASTE TEST: Ruffles Ultimate BBQ

21 May

I am a sucker for a fresh new bag of chips with the promise of a kicked up version of a flavor I already love.

BBQ Ruffles have always been good, but I never thought they had enough seasoning on them. I wanted more!!!

Well, obviously Mr. Ruffle heard me, because these step it up. It is bolder and richer in flavor.

The chip also has an altered design. The chips have sharper edges. Deeper cuts and ridges to them. I am guessing this is to hold more flavor or to carry more dip?

I don’t know. All I know is these chips are damn good and I like Ruffles for pushing and improving their product. They crunch harder and have a nice medley of flavors.

Keep’em coming!

TASTE TEST: DiGiorno Meatball Pizza

20 May

The frozen pizza world has been boring to me lately. When I say lately, I mean a couple of years now.

Honestly, in my town ( and I am sure yours too) I can get a pizza from a local chain for around 6-8 bucks. Less than 6 if I really keep an eye out.

So if I have time, I would much rather swing buy and pick up a pie from a pizzeria rather than go home to the frozen 5 or 6 dollar pie waiting for me in the freezer.

But I do keep an eye out and I check the frozen pizza lanes for new things.

DiGiorno has a new “ITALIAN FAVORITES” line that is very promising.

Something you might not be aware of, is that hamburger is a very popular topping.

BUT the price of it has been going up lately, so I have noticed that most buffet places do not put out hamburger pizzas because of the higher cost.

So when I see a MEATBALL MARINARA pizza sitting there on the shelf, I was quite surprised and a little giddy.

I love meatball sandwiches, and some local mom and pop pizzerias have meatball as a topping. This looked promising. This looked yummy.

And the second picture below reveals it looks just as good from my oven as it did on the box.

The taste – with hints of herb and olive oil really give this frozen pie a restaurant quality taste.

The meatballs are juicy and they do not skimp on the toppings. Everything about this pie tastes like an upgrade to what I would consider a normal DiGiorno pie.

It’s easily he best frozen pizza I have had in many moons.

I’m sure you have seen the commercials where the family/friends can’t believe “it’s not delivery”.

To my taste buds, they finally have nailed it.

It’s a frozen pizza that I can actually look forward to buying.