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4 Sep

wordpress JFC featured image logoToday we find Olivia putting herself into the decades-old battle between Easy Cheese and Cheez Whiz and then she manages to find time to contemplate a suicide.   Check it out here:


23 May

I enjoy cooking, and I really love to try and recreate – or improve on – something I have had at a restaurant and make it my own.

So today – a bit of a departure–as I pull back the curtain a bit and let you inside the JFC kitchen and see what I am up to…when I am not sitting at the drive-thru.

I love toasted ravioli. I have had it at several Italian restaurants, and I make it quite often.

Everyone I have made it for loves it. Most of them can’t believe I can even cook. wow. thanks.

Now what you see pictured is my “cheat” recipe. I tend to make all my stuff from scratch but in a pinch these things ROCK and take less time.

What you see is store bought ravioli. I then make a blend of herbs,bread crumbs and cheese.

I dredge the the raviolis in egg white, then into the dry mix and then I place them on a rack.

I oven bake them until they turn golden brown and tend to “puff up”.

Yes, I know I could fry these, and they are really good fried – but I tend to use ALOT of seasoning in my cooking, and frying kills some of that taste in these. so I bake them.

But that is just my preference.

While they are cooking, I usually make my own marinara. Tomatoes, herbs, garlic, olive oil, cheese, salt and pepper. All to my tastes.

Roughly around 20 mins these babies are done and as stated earlier, they are always a hit when I make them. They are crispy, crunchy, and the filling is hot and tender.

I hope you have enjoyed cooking with me!

TASTE TEST: Subway does Pizza

15 May

This one has been kicking around my head for awhile. I can’t believe I am just now getting around to it.

I am SO LATE to the party, but here goes—- in case you didn’t know – SOME – Subway restaurants serve PIZZA!

SURPRISE!!!!! (I always have sarcasm on hand)

It was an item I immediately thought was a great idea, but I notice that most of the Subway locations near me serve them.

And the ones that do are sold out alot of times. I guess that is a good thing for the company.

It’s essentially a small frozen cheese pizza. It’s crust is a little on the thicker side I would say.

Having these pre-made probably saves tons of time and money. Subway already has just about anything you could want on a pizza already available as a sandwich topping, so this is kind of a no-brainer.

As for the taste – for me personally it’s been hit or miss. Depending on the toppings and I suppose how long that frozen “canvas” has been sitting in that freezer.

This last attempt I just went for a simple pepperoni with some parmesan cheese and some oregano for a kick.

It was actually pretty fresh tasting but not as indulgent as say – one of those personal pan pizzas that you can get from the Taco Bell / Pizza Hut joints. Those I think are just a touch better in terms of taste.

Both are not perfect – but this a quickie lunch decision we are probably talking about here.

And speaking of quick, that Subway toaster is quite impressive. Once topped, they can pop out a fully cooked pie in a couple of minutes.

So if you have seen it but didn’t want to take a chance, give it up and go for it. I bet you will find it’s a nice departure from the same ol’ sammich you order every other time.


15 Apr

Now this is EXACTLY what I was talking about!!!!!

If you keep up with this blog (and if you don’t I will not invite you to my party) I felt sorta tricked by the whole “Candy Haven” concept in Denton.

Well on a tip from a fan, I was informed that in Carrollton, there is this lovely little sweet shop called BLOOMS.

This place is alot like The Soday Gallery in The Bishop Arts District…except the photo negative in terms of inventory.

Soda Gallery has a ton of sodas and a few candies and treats.

BLOOMS has a TON of candies and treats and a pretty damn good selection of sodas (albeit a smaller selection…but they have all the faves…and some hard to find ones that Soda Gallery doesn’t carry!)

This place is FANTASTIC and jammed pack with cool stuff. As you can see from the pic, these people know their candybars and other things.

Anything from the classic Hot Dog gum to Zagnut bars.

They even carry the replacement for my beloved MARATHON bar……oh……yeah.

It’s located on Main St. in Carrollton, so go and check it out. I guarantee you will leave with a fat sack of sweets.

And ….another heavier sack of bad ass sodas!

Bacon Me Puke

10 Feb
baconshake by Junk Food Critic
baconshake, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

If you haven’t heard, Jack-in-the-box has a new BACON shake. Yes, a BACON flavored shake.

Have you ever threw up in your mouth, but you were in the car…so you didn’t want to make a mess, so you had to hold it?

I can only imagine tasting a puss-infected-gunshot wound would taste WORSE than this shake.

It’s seriously GROSS. This is coming from a man that LOVES BACON. I mean LOVES HIM SOME BACON. So much that I can’t stand to buy that cheap crap. I gotta spend my hard earned money on bacon that is about 8 bucks a package.

Yep…that’s right, Wright Brand Bacon….I am referring to you……ummmmmmmm…. real bacon…..

Bacon flavored shake however is an abortion.

But Jack ain’t no dummy. He’s a marketing genius.

The whole process is actually kinda funny. Fast Food places are under constant pressure to come up with more reasons for you to visit them.

They are spending millions of dollars testing and marketing new and “trendy” items. They cross their fingers and hope you will love it.

The funny part comes in (to me at least) around the fact that it takes usually around a YEAR to go from concept- to in your combo.

What I notice, is by the time the NEW and TRENDY item is available…the trend is usually over.

Remember a couple of years ago when just about EVERY restaurant had some kind of CHOPTLE flavored something?

Before that, everything had a CHEDDAR or RANCH sauce. These things come and go.

The flavor of the year (at least months ago when they first devised all this) must have been BACON.

KFC recently did a whole campaign surrounding how they were IMPROVING their KFC bowls with the addition of……BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Jack has jumped on the bacon bandwagon with a limited edition BLT styled Jumbo Jack and as a kicker—the bacon shake.

I personally think this is pretty ballsy of Jack. I also think it’s kind of a joke. Just to see if people would really try it.

My reason for thinking this is how often it’s mentioned how LIMITED this bacon shake is. Like if people love it…cool! If not…then it gets pulled immediately….especially if there is some bad press.

So I give Jack a high five for pulling a stunt like this. You wouldn’t catch McDonald’s doing it.

Hell….McDonald’s has been shamed into removing Ronald McDonald from their advertising…..and now a jack-in-the-box is getting worldwide press for a shake that tastes awful.

Hated the shake…but the irony is delicious.


9 Feb

First hearing about this, I was immediately intrigued. I love fajitas. I love Whataburger. Could this be two great tastes that taste great together!?!?!!

In the ever changing world of fast food, you gotta keep coming up with stuff. Whataburger has essentially taken their grilled Whatachicken, sliced it up with peppers and onions, and roll it up in a tortilla.

I love it. It’s a nice sized burrito…not sure why Whataburger calls it a “taco” but oh well. I threw some of their picante sauce on there and I had a party.

Now, I didn’t have the combo. Just the fajita. Of course the combo is a no-brainer for most folks, but I don’t really want fries to go along with my fajitas. Maybe that’s just me.

The whole idea of this is pretty smart considering they had the chicken, tortillas, and sauce already.

(Truth be told, going forward….I might skip their sauce and use some of my own…but I am super picky when it comes to salsa)

Before today, I couldn’t imagine going to Whataburger and NOT ordering a burger. I mean it’s their signature thing.

But this….might just change my mind.

Chuck E’s in love….

28 Jan
chuckepizza by Junk Food Critic
chuckepizza, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

I make no bones about how much I really like Chuck E. Cheese. No seriously. I do. It’s a place with video games, toys, pizza, beer, and it features an animatronic music show. Pretty unique entertainment if you ask me.

What is there not to love? Besides all the screaming kids. But if you go on a weekday, chances are you can have the whole place to yourself.

I really love that.

I miss the “ball crawl” though….. but I digress…..

I was never that big a fan of their pizza. I mean it was “alright” but nothing I would CRAVE.

Now the Italian Breadsticks on the other hand– yum! Love them!

So when a survey came out listing the WORST rated pizza places….Chuck was right there in the top three.

Domino’s was also listed, and as you probably know, Domino’s took a big gamble and publicly admitted they sucked and were going to chance their recipes.

The gamble paid off and Domino’s saw a HUGE flood of new and returning customers.

Chuck E. Cheese had the same problem. Kids would go for the games and rides and barely touch the pizza. This left parents sitting their bored eating pizza they considered HORRIBLE.

Sales go down, you make changes.

And so Chuck went back to the drawing board on his pie and I think he knocked it out of the park.

The crust was sort of light and crunchy on the bottom, but tender on top. A zestier sauce and better quality cheese floats on top and the pepperoni was nice and spicy.

I was FULLY prepared to spend my time playing air hockey and totally dominating some six year old—

But instead, I was sitting down watching the animatronic show and marveling had how drastically improved this pizza was.


So if you are a parent, you shouldn’t worry anymore about going to Chuck’s place. I doubt the kids will ignore this pizza. In fact they might even complain that you ate it all while they were at the skee-ball.
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Chick-fil-Ain’t Much Lunch

24 Jan
chickmeal by Junk Food Critic
chickmeal, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Chick-fil-a (wow is it annoying to have to type that way each time) has always tried to take an even handed approach to it’s food.

It provides great meals and also some healthier choices if you are leaning that way.

In the past, I have tried their grilled chicken sandwiches and loved them. True they aren’t as indulgent as their normal fare, but still pretty good.

So when I heard they were slightly revamping the kid’s meal, I was interested.

Mainly because I love the happy meal idea.

More often than not, the portion sizes of food in a kid’s meal is enough for me. The price is usually cheaper.

oh–and I get a TOY. I never understood why places didn’t offer toys or something with their adult meals.

Think about it. If you got the burger combo– you got an iphone holder that looks like a money. Okay….moving on…

So I wheeled into the “chick” and ordered the new kids meal.

What was once: Four nuggets, fries, drink, and a toy…. can now be GRILLED nuggets, fruit (either fruit cup or puree pouch) and a drink (milk, water, apple juice, or lemonade)

No longer are they serving soda. Which is odd since their lemonade and apple juice contain a ton of sugar I would imagine.

Now this was a tidy little SNACK. The nuggets were hot and fresh. Tasty as boneless-skinless-plain-if-you-dont-count-salt-and-pepper can be.

It’s essentially an unbreaded chicken strip cut into four pieces. Good for some protein, but I am guessing I will be hungry again in a couple hours.

The pouch of puree was rather neat. It’s cinnamon apple sauce basically. So sucking that down might be fun for the kids. Great way to get them more fruits. This was actually the best thing of the meal. I should see if they have these in the stores. Quick and easy on the go food.

I take that back. The best part of lunch was the lemonade. Sure the size is way to small for me, but GOOD LORD does Chick-fil-a make some mighty fine LEMONADE.

So sweet and tangy. It’s like me, but drinkable!

I would totally order this again if I was just a little bit hungry and didn’t want to cook.

Who am I kidding??? If I go to chick-fil-a, I gots ta have my SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH!!!!!! woOOOOOO!!!!

Updates on your favorite stories

23 Jan

Since starting this blog, way back in 2009, there have been alot of changes, so I thought I would give you a rundown of what has changed since you last read about it here at the JFC.

In no particular order:

-FAT HO BURGER- is gone.   We hardly knew ye.

-My beloved GODFATHER’s pizza in Arlington/Mansfield closed it’s doors.  Now DFW is without a Godfather’s Pizza and that is SAD.

-Domino’s gamble from 2010 paid off because they have seen a huge spike in sales since revamping their pizza.  So much so that Chuck E. Cheese (who also ranked high in the worst pizza poll that started this whole thing) even revamped their pizza as well.

-To our delight, Wendy’s debuted Boneless Buffalo Wings.  We LOVED’em.  They discontinued’em.

-MAZZIO’s has not only regained the title of BEST PIZZA, but it has taken on all challengers with a swagger worthy of a champion!

-To this day, I still can not find out where those delicious PARKING SPOT cookies came from.

-SODA GALLERY is still so very cool, but I notice their selection shrinking.

-Burger King brought out some tasty Ribs.  We liked’em.  They discontinued’em (see a pattern?)

-BK also finally gave up on their horrible fries, and stepped up the game with some new tastier versions…whereas Jack in the Box went from their original fries….to a thicker/fresher style…which we liked…only to return to their original fries recently.

– Why is it everything we love gets discontinued?

-And in the “breastaraunt” category, there have been some ups and downs:

–  The head honcho at Hooters left to join the Twin Peaks organization.   This is curious as he was on UNDERCOVER BOSS not that long ago.   Curious.

– Burger Girl off 75 in Dallas came and went.  No surprise there.

– Arlington- “Wings and Bunnies” had several opening delays, and then closed before I could even review the place but a new place “Bikinis” opened just down the block from the Hooters on Collins.  Review of it , and a new 2012 Breastaraunt Run are coming soon!

– and I am not shocked, but pleased to report that not only has RED NECK HEAVEN remained a success, but they are opening other locations around the DFW.   Must be all those “minnow shots”.

Hello 2012!


16 Jan

Admit it, you have seen this in your store a dozen times, haven’t you?  Me too. I never bought one, because frankly it’s really too much food to cook for just me at one time. If I was having a game watching party or something, this would be IDEAL. Actually I would probably just order delivery.

  BUT…..as I was walking the aisles of my local grocer, looking for new items,  it struck me… if there is a pizza AND wings- (sorry… WYNGZ…ugh what a     name…) maybe they were each in their own package and I can review them separately.  So I bought it.

I chose to cook the pizza for lunch, and save the leftovers  to go with these wings (whatever) for dinner while I watch the basketball game.

Something about good wings and a good game of hoops ….I don’t know….

Boston was playing…and Rondo was on the way to a triple double…….and I digress.

Anyway I get it open and SURPRISE!!!  My gamble pays off and they are separated.   So the wing(huh?)s go in the freezer.

Now I have had a DiGiorno Pizza tons of times before, so there is not much to review here.   It’s a pretty decent pie, but for some reason I never quite get it perfected.  It’s usually either under done or burnt.   I can’t find that sweet spot.

I blame this on my new oven, which has a “convection” baking setting that absolutely TURBO cooks everything and screws up my cooking times almost always.

So after “doctoring” this pizza (adding a little more cheese, some fresh herbs, and just the right amount of imported italian olive oil drizzle) I polished off a few slices,  but was already looking forward to the win…..ugh..WYNGZ.

Truth be told, even a few hours later, I was still kinda full from the few slices I had earlier.  That and I really don’t like to reheat frozen pizza after I cook it.  It just never tastes the same.

NOW FOR SOME WYNGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some assembly required here as you have two bags. A “sauce” bag and a “chicken bag”.

The sauce bag goes into a bowl of warm water to soften up and defrost.  The chicken goes into the oven for a few minutes.   I was pretty surprised at how big these pieces were.   They are sold by weight, so you might get six to eight pieces per order.   Mine had seven pretty good-sized chicken chunks.

With game time coming up, I was happy that my turbo-charged confection oven setting would rocket-fire (not to be confused with rock-a-fire) these little suckers in a matter of minutes.

Now you might not tell from the picture, but they came out nice and golden brown.  I tossed them into the sauce, and you know what????

This is some good stuff!!  It was the perfect size for my appetite at the time.  The buffalo sauce was tangy and had a kick to it.

The wings were so good, that I wish DiGiorno would just sell them by themselves!!!!

(okay DiGiorno…feel free to steal my idea!!!!)