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23 Jan

UntitledJustice Burger is the new kid on the block in downtown Weatherford TX.   Buckle up because we got lots of ground to cover here.

This place looks like a lot of fun.  Tons of TVs, what appears to be a stage for music, a huge beer list, and big plates full of the biggest burgers I have ever seen in my life.  I am full-on excited to be here.

I tell the server that it is our first time here and we will need a minute to go over all the beers and extensive menu.  We start with water and some chips and salsa.

She returns with the waters and drops them off.    She returns again and remembers the chips and salsa are missing and walks away.   She comes back and fills up our water and asks if we are ready to order.  I asked about a beer and my dining buddy asked about the burgers because their menu is not clear as to what ingredients is on what burger.   It’s confusing.  Again.  First time here.

My friend wants a basic burger.   This is how they list the first burger on the menu:


Plain but Tasty Burger with Veggies.  The perfect companion for those weird other galaxy adventures you need a wingman for.

SERIOUSLY?  You had to squeeze in that goofy Star Trek joke?  Why not just list the size of the burger patty and what toppings come on it?

But right above that on the menu it reads “Burgers only include veggies if noted below but feel free to add lettuce, tomato, or onions.

So…the Red Shirt Guy comes with just pickles?  Am I crazy?  Why make this so difficult?

My friend orders the Red Shirt Guy (comes with fries) and he is set.

I order the Bacon Cheeseburger and have similar problems.

The Menu:

BACON CHEESEBURGER- Just like the cheeseburger except with tasty, thick cut, bacon.  No limitations still apply.

OOOOOHHHKAY…. EXCEPT…there is no “CHEESEBURGER” on the menu to refer to.  So when it says “just like the cheeseburger…I don’t know what they are referring to.    And the NO limitations still apply is meaningless because instead of mustard or mayo on the burger, I asked for BBQ sauce and was charged .95 cents for that.

I also ordered the onion ring “upgrade” for a “tiny bit more” ($1.00)…and a beer I never got.

So we finally taste the water….BAD MOVE.    This water is obviously unfiltered or maybe Weatherford tap water is just dirty tasting.  YUCK.  So if you only drink water….be warned.

Our server forgot the chips and salsa again and after reminding her… she finally brought them she told us to be careful because the plate was hot.

Really?  Why?  The salsas were cold and so were the chips, so why was the plate hot?

On the positive side, the salsas were both VERY VERY GOOD.  Unfortunately, the chips have so much extra salt on them that they were inedible.   We asked if we could get chips without extra salt and were told no.  “that’s how they come, sorry.”  So there goes that.

It’s a good thirty minutes until the burgers arrive.   We are both pretty tired of our “experience” here at this point.   I am thinking of just not reviewing this place at all….. but then those burgers arrive.

Despite the server NOT knowing the menu.

Despite the menu being too cutesy for its own good.

Despite having horrible tap water.

Despite having crazy-over-salted chips.

Despite ordering a beer and not getting it.

Despite thinking most of the entire menu is OVER PRICED.

This was one of the BEST burgers I have had in a LONG time.   It was thick and hearty and had great cheese and bacon.  The BBQ sauce was nice and flavorful.

UntitledThe ONION RINGS were also some of the best Onion Rings I have ever had.   They were huge and crunch and the breading was like…three times the thickness of the actual onion.  So filling!!!! It was also $11, which seemed pricey for a burger and onion rings.

My friend’s Basic Burger looked and was just as delicious.   They loved it.  They don’t know if it was worth $7.50…but they enjoyed it.

They did NOT…however…like the generic frozen fries.  Weird.  Why would you go to all the trouble to do all these fresh and homemade items and then skimp on the fries???

Was all the drama worth this ???

Well…. Slow down.   We asked for flatware and napkins and had to wait five minutes as she went and rolled us each a single fork in a napkin.   When asked if we could have knifes to cut these massive burgers…she responded… “sorry we are out of knives right now”.

Ohhhhhkay…   So we make our own way through this grub.  Loving it.

Then I notice something at the table next to us TWO minutes later.  A lady takes a drink of her water and says it is disgusting and orders a tea instead.    She also asks for a knife….and gets one.   We both have the same server.   So that pretty much ends the adventure.

After paying the tab we are in the parking lot on the way to our cars.  Both of us are suddenly hit by the fact that we are both so full that we need naps.  Like immediately.  I felt pretty sluggish all afternoon after that feast….so be warned not to chow down like I did.

I take one last look back and notice the “NOW OPEN” banner outside.   Maybe they have only been open for a few days/weeks and are still working the bugs out.   I hope so.  Those were some great burgers…but the experience with that particular server is enough alone to make me skittish about ever going back.  Despite the kick-ass food.  To be continued…..

Your mileage may vary.