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Deano’s Jalapenos

26 Dec

 Back in October at the State Fair I discovered these quirky little snacks.   Deano’s Jalapenos are deceptively simple.  Instead of jalapeno flavored chips; these are chips MADE from actual jalapenos.

They come in three flavors:  Sea Salt, Ranch, and Cheddar.      They are made in small batches in Vermont with peppers imported from Mexico and Texas.    So for the last few weeks I have been toting all three brands around in my bag.  The point?   To shout from rooftops and sing the praises of this AMAZING snacky-snack-snack.

I mean…..look at that bag. These sliced jalapeno chips are dusted with cheddar and simply fantastic.  It’s like portable nachos in my mouth!    The cheddar have lasted the longest because I have been quite stingy with them.   The Sea Salt and Ranch are both very good – but these cheddar ….knowing dear readers how much I love nachos…..????

Deano has major cool points awarded to him for creating something so simple and addictive.   I love them.  ALOT.   They slay me.    I seriously love jalapeno flavored chips and I am saying here and now that after eating these I might not ever buy jalapeno potato chips again.  They are THAT GOOD.

The best way to get these is direct from their website:

www.deanosjalapenos.com     These are JFC approved and

I am POSITIVE you have never enjoyed a snack quite like this before.

TASTE TEST: Zapp’s Jalapeno Chips

21 Sep

I have been on this “HOT” chip kick lately.   I have been running into alot of “Kettle Style” hot chips and I am liking them all.

These ZAPP’s are super-crunchy and what they have in crunch doesn’t match what they do in terms of flavor.   These things sneak up on you with heat and they stay and help eat your lunch.  Nice and full on HOT.

Love it.

Go crunch some.

What a GYP!!!!

13 Sep

I recently told you about the chips I had at Quizno’s.  The Ms. Vickie’s Jalapeno chips.  I thought they were great.   I also paid 1.19 plus tax for them as I look at my receipt.

As the picture here shows, I can buy the same chips at Sam’s for a THIRD of the price – 34 or so cents each.  I have to buy a case to get that price but over the course of a month I can certainly go through them.

Nice find and saves money too!

TASTE TEST: QUIZNO’s Doublecheese Steak

29 Aug

As I always say, I judge a sammich joint by the HOT sammiches.    I can make a cold cut lunch at home.

I have had a LOVE / HATE relationship with Quizno’s.  They aren’t very close to me.  The one that is had a manager there was SO DAMN RUDE.  Not just to me.  To everyone.

Seriously.  You would walk in and he would go “so what you want, dude?”    He would yell at his employees in spanish and was just a jerk.   Asking him what ingredients came on a sandwich was an invitation for an argument.

I decided to never return to that, or any location because of this.   Two years passed, and I had moved on from Quizno’s.  There is WhichWich, Potbelly’s, and every other sammich joint available now, so what was I missing?

I ran into a friend, and they also used to frequent the same Quizno’s with the rude manager.   She told me that she had been there recently and was told he had been let go.

WOOO!!!!!   SAMMICH JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In celebration, my friend and I went to that location and he was gone.   I quickly ordered my favorite – the Doublecheese Steak.   They have this new Garlic Foccaccia bread that is quite good.  Nice and garlicky.

I am very pleased to have this back in my sammich arsenal because I seriously enjoy this sandwich.  It’s always fresh and has a great unique flavor and quality about it.

I also got back into my Ms. Vickie’s chips.  Specifically the JALAPENO flavored.   These are bold and hold lots of crunch.  Lotsa crunch.   Lotsa flavor.  Lotsa liking this lunch!!!