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2 Oct

Found these at my local WalMart.  Two frozen crusts for less than 4 bucks.

The idea is, somewhere in Italy, a traditional wood-fired-oven-pizzaiolio created this crust which was then frozen-with-the-quickness and made ready for you to create some artisan pies at your crib.

So, it’s a frozen version of Boboli?

Well, this looks to be a little lighter in texture than those Boboli you might be used to.

The directions are quite simple.   Preheat the oven and while that is going on you are to lay out  the crust and go ahead and top it.

I am guessing that this sorta “thaws out” the crust so it cooks better.   We are hoping.

So here we have my assembled pie – a little cheese, some sauce, and a drizzle of olive oil.  i am not gonna overload this thing with toppings.    You can tell from the coloring that it is already mildly charred in some places.

it has a very light and airy texture.   I am actually thinking this is gonna turn out to be pretty awesome.   I mean seriously – out of the freezer, topped and popped in the oven inside of five minutes.    Beat that Domino’s!!

I am also watching the oven like a hawk.   I don’t want this over cooked.   I get the distinct impression this can go from tender to hardcore crunchy and over done in a matter of seconds.

What I remove from the oven looks pretty yummy.  It’s also browning in a way I was hoping to avoid.    I had to keep it in there long enough for the cheese to melt.

I went ahead made the other crust that had defrosted even further.   It was less crunchy because I took it out even earlier than the previous pie but the cheese and sauce weren’t close to being done.  I think the ideal situation would be to have all ingredients at room temp so they all cook and mingle evenly.

The crust is very salty for my personal preference.  I also enjoy making my own dough so this wouldn’t be something I would buy on the regular.    But for four bucks you could let your family go crazy making their own personal style pies and have a pizza night.   Or…or… you could get creative at your next football watching party…but who we kidding?  You gonna order delivery.